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"One of the best-selling aircrafts of all time, with the Cuban 800 you really are buying a piece of history, rusted rivets and all. This light engine plane might look like it was put together with one of those Krapea hex keys, but these bad boys were built to last. Plus for $32,000 you can't exactly expect a cocktail bar and a stripper pole."
Elitás Travel webpage.

The Western Company Cuban 800 is a light twin-engine plane in Grand Theft Auto V.


It is based on the Piper PA-30 Twin Comanche with features derived from the PA-23 Aztec, Cessna 310, and Beech-56 Baron.


The Cuban 800 is propelled by two mid-power turboprop engines. These engines can sufficiently bring the aircraft up to full speed in several seconds. The plane has a relatively short takeoff distance, and is very maneuverable on land, but the reaction time for the plane to maneuver while in flight is slow, but manageable. The aircraft's bulky chassis is seemed to have been built on a small wheel-base, making it difficult to land at times. Unlike other aircraft in the game, the engines are fairly strong, and can take a good beating before they give off and fail. If one engine does in fact fail, and another engine is left, it will safely propel the aircraft with a shorter airspeed and slower maneuverability.

Overall, the performance combined with reliability makes this plane ideal for tough jobs and long trips.




  • Can be bought for $240,000 from
  • There is also the chance of an aircraft being landed and taxied into the hangar at Trevor's airfield. It will appear in the hangar next to the one which acts as a garage.
  • Sometimes when switching to Trevor he may be flying a black Cuban 800.
  • Sometimes can be found flying away from Fort Zancudo.


  • The description of the plane states that the plane is worth $32,000. This contradicts with the actual price of the plane which is $240,000. The most likely cause for this is that Rockstar Games believed the price was too low and forgot to change the description.
  • The plane can be flown upside down for some time, but loses altitude at a gradual rate.
  • The name is probably based off of the Cuban Eight aerobatic flight eight maneuver. 


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