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"Cuban gangbanger's car."
— GTA Vice City Website.

The Cuban Hermes is a gang variant of the Hermes, appearing in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.


The Cuban Hermes is, as the name suggests, a modified Hermes to look like what appears to be a hot rod. It serves as the gang car for the Cubans/Los Cabrones, and as such, the car is commonly seen in the Cuban gang's territory of Little Havana, Vice City. In Vice City, the Cuban Hermes is black with a flame decal paint job on most of its body. In Vice City Stories, however, the black painted Hermes is absent, with there being light blue and white variants in its place, with slightly different flame decal paint jobs.


The Cuban Hermes sports noticeable differences from its non gang affiliated counterpart, in both appearance and performance. The car's engine emits a different engine noise, similar to a turbocharged vintage V8 engine. All renditions feature additional side exhausts, alongside the conventional dual rear ones. The GTA: Vice City rendition is known to emit flames from these exhausts when accelerating. In GTA: Vice City Stories however, it features a further modification, with it being the wheels positioned further into the wheel wells than those on the regular or Vice City Cuban Hermes.

It also has higher top speed and acceleration then the regular Hermes and feels somewhat lighter. It has pretty good cornering abilities and stability.


GTA Vice City

GTA Vice City Stories

  • In front of Umberto Robina's house.
  • Driven around Little Havana by Los Cabrones gang members.
  • Next to a house in central Little Havana.


  • The Cuban Hermes is notably comparable to the Diablo Stallion from Grand Theft Auto III. Both cars are supercharged versions of regular models, both have similar custom flame paint jobs and both are used by gangs of Hispanic origin as their primary means of transport. Furthermore, both cars utilize the same engine sound.
  • The Cuban Hermes is one of the only cars in GTA Vice City with a default radio station; the car will always play Radio Espantoso when entered.
  • This is the only car in the 3D universe to emit flames from the exhaust.
  • According to GTA Vice City Stories' game manual, the 1980 Hermes costs $14,500.
  • Although the only paint jobs that can be found on the Cuban Hermes in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories are light blue and white, it can look like the black variant found in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City by typing the "All cars are black" cheat.
  • Despite having a street rod like appearance, the Cuban Hermes is, in fact, a hot rod. This is because, unlike the regular Hermes, it has no license plate. With this making it illegal for use on the street, it is therefore a hot rod.

See Also

  • Diablo Stallion, another modified car with almost the same characteristics.


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