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"Cuban gangbanger's car."
— GTA Vice City Website.

The Cuban Hermes is a gang adaptation of the Hermes, appearing in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.


The Cuban Hermes is, as the name suggests, a modified Hermes which serves as the gang car for the Cubans/Los Cabrones. As such, the car is commonly seen in the Cuban gang's territory in Little Havana, Vice City. It appears to be very simular to a 1948 Ford 2-door Coupe.

The Cuban Hermes sports noticeable differences, appearance and performance-wise. The car's engine emits a different engine noise similar to a turbocharged vintage V8 engine. In GTA Vice City, the Cuban Hermes is black with flames on the front; in GTA Vice City Stories, gray is used in place of black. Both renditions feature additional side exhausts alongside their conventional dual rear exhausts; the GTA Vice City rendition is known to emit flames from these exhausts when accelerating. In addition, the GTA Vice City Stories rendition of the car features wheels positioned further inwards into the wheel wells than those of a conventional Hermes. Although the color of the Cuban Hermes is light blue in GTA: Vice City Stories, you can make it black and similar to the one featured in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. You can do this by entering the "All Black Cars" cheat.

The Cuban Hermes has higher speed and acceleration then the normal Hermes and feels somewhat lighter. It has pretty good cornering abilities and stability.


GTA Vice City
GTA Vice City Stories
  • In front of Umberto Robina's house.
  • Driven around Little Havana by Los Cabrones gang members.
  • Next to a house in central Little Havana.


  • The Cuban Hermes is very comparable to GTA III's Diablo Stallion. The 2 cars have a similar paint job, as well as the fact that the 2 cars have the same engine sound and are both gang vehicles belonging to gangs which is Spanish origin. The major difference between the Cuban Hermes and the Diablo Stallion is that the Cuban Hermes has side exhausts that can spew out flames and the Diablo Stallion has its engine popping out of the hood.
  • It seems that the Cuban Hermes has a strong and fast engine, as it makes loud and aggressive noises when driving with it.
  • The Cuban Hermes is one of the only cars in GTA Vice City with default radios, the car plays automatically the Radio Espantoso when entered.

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