Curtis Weaver is the fourth and final bail jumper in Grand Theft Auto V. He is located in Dignity Village.


Curtis will be surrounded by some thugs at Dignity Village, if the player tries to confront Curtis directly, the thugs will react and start to shoot at Trevor. The easiest method, is locate Curtis from a point outside of the village and shoot him in the leg with a pistol, if you do this, the thugs will flee instead of attacking you. Curtis will still try to run away, so just shoot him one more time in the leg or use a Stun Gun to make him surrender. Alternatively, if the player wishes to kill him instead, just use a Sniper Rifle to shoot him in the head when you find him.

If you use Stealth Mode and walk around the barn and then back yourself just around from where Curtis is talking to one of the thugs. If you turn around slightly (if you do it correctly the thugs won't see you) and aim and shoot the thug talking to Curtis in the head the other three thugs will flee down the hill, and Curtis will immediately put his arms up and surrender. You are then free to kill the thugs escaping, or ignore them.

If captured alive, Curtis reveals that he has far-left political views and is an activist campaigning against Capitalism, and despises the government and its stooges. He says that he was incarcerated after a sit-in protest outside The Exchange in AlgonquinLiberty City (maybe a parody of the Occupy Wall Street protest movement that started in New York City in 2011). Things went wrong at the demonstration and Curtis and the others turned on each other and supposedly fought, which led to him being imprisoned. He either escaped or he was released (it isn't known which), and traveled to the State of San Andreas. When Trevor asks Curtis why he was arrested for a second time, he told him that he attended an anti-globalization rally and assaulted a cop with a fire extinguisher. Since then, he has made a conscious decision to "reject capitalist society" by living at Dignity Village in San Andreas

Maude's Email

Me again.

This old-timer's one of them crazy anti-establishment types, lives outside the system in some kind of hobo camp. Might look harmless but watch yourself, he's got a couple of screws loose alright.  



  • When Curtis asks Trevor if his father ever said that he loved him, Trevor reveals that his father abandoned him in a shopping mall, which Trevor then burned down in retaliation.