Cesar and Carl inside the Doherty Garage

Carl Johnson(seeing the Engine of Cesar's car) Yeah, I got it. It's in the Manifold.
Cesar Vialpando Shit! I just changed that seal. Must have got a crimp in it. Damn!
Kendl Johnson Hey Ces,Your boy is here.
Cesar He ain't my boy.
Cesar goes to talk to a man standing near the entrance of the garage.
Kendl Hey, we're almost living normal life,huh. Far from Grove Street, Right?
Carl Yeah, I know, I just can't get it out of the back of my mind. Moms, Sweet, Smoke - I can't just let that go
Kendl I know. So what we going to do about sweet?
Carl It's a shitty situation but I've to let it play out a little longer. OK?
Kendl OK, but be careful. We ain't trying to loose you again.
Carl That's right, sis - good looking out.
Cesar comes back to talk to Carl.
Cesar Hey, Carl, I got to rap to you holmes. I know a guy who knows a guy who handles freight containers down on the docks. He saw one of the containers was loading up cars and one was a match of a car on a customer's wishlist. So, he marked the container with a spray can but it might be too late. The Ship's loading and it moves out tomorrow.
Carl OK, let's go peep it out - see what we can see.

During there drive to the Docks

Cesar How we going to steal a car off a container ship, holmes?
Carl You know the same way they got on - Using a dockside crane!
Cesar Man, those things are really high up - I ain't too good with ladders and I am scared of heights.
Carl OK, I will use the crane. You better be ready to crack the containers.

At the docks

Carl(Gets in the crane) None of them is marked with spray paint
Cesar We just have to try one at a time, eh!
CJ picks a container and drops it on the ground.
Cesar Not this one, CJ!.
CJ picks another container and drops it on the ground.
Cesar No luck, CJ, Try another!
CJ picks the last container and drops it on the ground
Cesar OK CJ, this is the one,good work holmes
Some guards arrive in a Sentinal
The guards start attacking Cesar.
Cesar CJ! I could do with some help.
CJ and Cesar kill the guards. Some more guards come is a Sentinal.
one of the guards Stay right there you thieving Bastard!
CJ and Cesar kill all the guards. 2 more guards come but are killed by CJ.
Cesar Let's grab the car and go.
CJ and Cesar drive back to the Doherty Garage.

Driving back to the Garage

Carl There gotta' be an easier way of earning than this
Cesar Sure holmes, I guess. But what else are we qualified for.
Carl Yeah, I feel you.

At the Garage

Cesar Hey holmes, that was fun,we should do that again.