"The Colombian Cartel is making SPANK somewhere in Liberty City, but we don't know where. And they seem to know everything we're doing before we do! We got ourselves a rat. There's a guy named Curly Bob who works the bar at Luigi's and he's been throwing more money around than he's earning. He ain't pimping or pushing, so he must be talking!"
Salvatore Leone

Cutting the Grass is a mission in Grand Theft Auto III given to protagonist Claude by Leone Family Don Salvatore Leone from his mansion in the Saint Mark's district of Portland Island, Liberty City.


Salvatore tells Claude that someone in the Leone Family is a rat, selling secrets to the Colombian Cartel who are manufacturing SPANK somewhere in Liberty City. Salvatore tells Claude to follow Curly Bob, a barman at Luigi's Sex Club 7 who has been spending more money than he earns at Luigi's.

Claude drives over to Luigi's and follows Curly Bob, who takes a taxi to Portland Harbor, where he meets Catalina and Miguel of the Cartel. Catalina hands Bob the SPANK, with Bob then telling them of the Leone Family's problems with the Triads and the Forelli Family. After Catalina and Miguel leave, Claude kills Curly Bob.


The reward for completing the mission is $15,000. However the mission Bomb Da Base: Act I will only be unlocked if the player has finished Blow Fish.


Video walkthroughs

PC iPad
GTA 3 - Walkthrough - Mission 19 - Cutting the Grass (HD)03:52

GTA 3 - Walkthrough - Mission 19 - Cutting the Grass (HD)

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GTA 3 - iPad Walkthrough - Mission 19 - Cutting the Grass


  • The traditional way to do this mission is to tail Curly Bob's taxi from a distance. His taxi will not show up on the radar so the player has to be careful not to lose him, however there is also a 'spookometer' warning the player if they get too close, making this somewhat tedious. This is the only use of a 'spookometer' in the entire game.
  • Another way to do this mission is to take a Taxi, Cabbie or Borgnine and park it directly behind the first taxi at the Sex Club 7, parallel to the curb and perpendicular to the alleyway. When Curly Bob gets in the taxi Claude is driving, ­the in-game text will say "Take him to Portland Harbor." , making it relatively easy. Note that the player's taxi has to be in mint condition, otherwise Curly will get into another taxi. If both player's and mission defined taxis are smashed up, Curly will become spooked and the mission will fail. A video of this can be seen here.
    • However, even if the player's taxi is mint at all, in rare occasions, Curly will still get on the another taxi for unknown reasons, making the taxi trick useless, and it was not clear what kind of in-game factor caused this. This only seems to be happened on the PC version (confirmed), although it had been patched in the mobile version. It is unknown if this glitch is present on other versions of the game.
  • Curly Bob will leave the club at a pre-defined time, even if the player is not around the area. If this happens, the player can simply drive to Portland Docks and the cut-scene will play out like normal, but without having to tail the taxi or take a taxi to drive Curly Bob. A video of this can be seen here.
  • Curly Bob can sometimes commit suicide by going over into the sea; if he does that, it will not affect the mission, and will save ammo that the player would need in later missions. If he doesn't do that it is more than likely he would flee from Portland Harbor and sometimes run into oncoming traffic; if he does, there is a small chance that he would get knocked over and that would make it easier for the player to kill him with a baseball bat.
  • It is possible to kill Curly Bob by running him over with a car, ending in a quicker completion of the mission.
  • The Spook-o-meter technique was later used in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, in missions Snail Trail and Key To Her Heart.
  • This is Catalina's first appearance since her betrayal.
  • Be careful, Bob will use a Pump Shotgun if he sees Claude coming for him.
  • After the completion of this mission, there will be no pedestrians roaming Portland Harbor.