D'Leo & Thurax is a law firm featured in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. It is announced in the in-game radio stations. Their slogan is "Accidents happen, and we'll prove it!"

According to their commercial, the firm specializes in solving legal problems to blue-chip clients, such as murder, drug trafficking and arson among others. Their phone number is 866-974-2333 (or SHADEE, probably to point out the firm uses shady methods to solve their cases).

D'Leo & Thurax Commercial

Male: At the law firm of D'Leo and Thurax we understand that sometimes life throws you a curveball. We help our blue-chip clients get their lives back, after circumstances have conspired against them. Just listen!

Male #2: It was an unfortunate accident what happened to my wife on that precarious cliff. D'Leo and Thurax can't bring my wife back, but they made sure I didn't end up in the slammer.

Male #3: I was unfortunate enough to be found with 15 kilos in my spare tire. I was so mad at the auto repair shop that sold me that tire, thanks to D'Leo and Thurax the district attorney saw it that way too.

Female: I accidentally torched a Quick-E-Mart when my medication ran out *giggle*. D'Leo and Thurax helped me and the community by insuring a healthy settlement from the pharmaceutical company.

Male: At D'Leo and Thurax we understand the juditional system and will insure the truth is heard, no matter how improbable. We're not cheap, but what price can you put on truth? Call D'Leo and Thurax today at 866-974-2333, that's 866-9SHADEE.

D'Leo and Thurax accidents happen, and we'll prove it!


  • The firm funds the show "Legal Review", one of the unheard shows on VCPR.