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Da Nang Boys Freighter

Da Nang Boys Freighter

The Da Nang Boys Freighter is a large freighter in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. It is featured in the mission The Da Nang Thang in which Carl boards the ship and kills Snakehead. The ship is owned by the San Fierro gang, the Da Nang Boys.


The Freighter is located near the Gant Bridge. The ship is obviously based on an American Style Container Ship. It has 2 levels. above deck, and below deck. Both of these levels are full of containers. Even though the ship is only used in the mission 'Da Nang Thang', the ship is accessible before and after the mission. If the player starts from the bow (the front) of the ship, they can go through the obstacle course like deck, and make their way to the bridge. The only way to board the ship is with an aircraft, such as a helicopter or jetpack. There is a ladder, but the player cannot use ladders until GTA IV.


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