The Dashound Bus Center, known as the Textile City Bus Depot in Police Scanner reports, is an inaccessible bus terminal in Grand Theft Auto V.


The bus depot is located at the intersection of Integrity Way and Strawberry Avenue in the neighborhood of Textile CityLos Santos. Opposite the north entrance to Simmet Alley are eight terminals lined with Sprunk vending machines, public telephones, and advertisements such as "Speed kills - Take the Dashound," "Long journeys need short legs," and "You're onto a wiener."


The Dashound Bus Center is based on the Los Angeles Greyhound Station, located at 1716 E 7th St.

Prominent Appearances in Missions



  • According to signs found around the compound, the speed limit within the premises is 5 mph.
  • Several "pay stations" are located outside the entrance to the building.
  • Despite being named after the Dashound, Los Santos Transit buses use the depot.
  • Judging by the exterior and signage style, the center was most likely built in the late-1950s or early-1960s.