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Downtown Davis.

Davis is an incorporated city in southern Los Santos County, San Andreas in Grand Theft Auto V. The city borders the north to the Los Santos neighborhood of Strawberry, in the east to Rancho, in the west to Chamberlain Hills and in the south to Banning. The radio station West Coast Classics broadcasts live from this area.



Davis is a low-class city with a high crime-rate and high gang violence between the The Families and Ballas similar to its bordering neighborhoods in the city of Los Santos. Davis is the only neighborhood in Los Santos to incorporate as known so far, as the neighborhood has its own courthouse, and also its own Fire Department, which is a branch of the Los Santos Fire Department. The city is served by the Los Santos County Sheriff.

South and south-west Davis is primarily residential and heavily populated by small, single-family homes; often with installed bars on the windows and doors to prevent burglaries. However, the busy roads of Carson Avenue and Davis Avenue, located further to the north-east of Davis are more commercial and contain many smaller businesses and stores. The city had a population of 248 as of 2013.


Events of GTA V

This is one of the main settings in the Hood Safari mission where Franklin, Lamar and Trevor killed a huge wave of Ballas in the Grove Street. The car impound for Tonya's towing missions is located next to the Sheriff's Department.


Davis is mostly based on the city of Compton, California, notice the Davis Avenue is angled skewed compared similar to what of the real-life Compton Ave going through Compton.

Gang control

The entire city of Davis is heavily controlled by Ballas, with the occasional presence of The Families on Carson Avenue near the Davis-Strawberry border, and Grove Street on the Davis-Chamberlain Hills border. If the player goes into the blocks near Grove Street, Brouge Avenue, and Covenant Avenue, they will be shot at by Ballas. In the northern part from Carson Avenue there is less gang control, but still a presence of Ballas.



Los Santos Transit stop station in Davis.

The Los Santos Transit has a stop station at Carson Avenue between Brouge and Davis Avenue.

Places of interest

Davis has its own courthouse, being the Davis Courts Building, based on the Compton City Hall. There is also a Fire station, a Davis Sheriff/Police Station with a vehicle inpound and the Davis Mega Mall, based on the Slauson Super Mall. During the mission Pulling Another Favor, Tonya says there is a high-school in the area named Davis High, in which her and Franklin went to. However Davis High is not to be seen anywhere. A small Library can also be seen but not entered on Davis Avenue on the cross to MacDonald Street.

Roads and Streets


  • ATM Liquors
  • Bad Day Goods
  • Bishop's
  • Cabinets & Carpets
  • Carsons Salon
  • Cent Carpet
  • Chringo's Carpets
  • Cosas $1 Baratas
  • Davis Mega Mall
  • Dicklovers
  • Discount Depot
  • Discount Jewels
  • Discount Store
  • Dollar Pills
  • East Side Wigs
  • Edzell Foundation
  • Family Pharmacy
  • Fowi Mouthed
  • Furniture & Nails
  • Hayes Auto Body Shop
  • Herr Kutz Barber
  • Groceries
  • Laundromat
  • la Vaca Loco
  • License Sex Shop
  • Limited LTD Service
  • Liquor Deli
  • Locksmith
  • Lucky Plucker
  • Molarstation Dentistry
  • Mosley Auto Service
  • Porn Crackers
  • Ring of Fire Chili House
  • RON gas station
  • Ronnie's Luxury Hand Car Wash
  • Ruedas De Fuego
  • Sheet Yourself
  • Suds Law Laundromat
  • Taco Farmer
  • Timmy's Flowers
  • Totally Rental
  • Yum Fish
  • Zany-Z's


  • Davis is an independent city from Los Santos, however it is still in the Los Santos metropolitan, similar to the real-life city of Compton, California in which the city is based on.
  • Davis is the smallest city in the entire Grand Theft Auto series.
  • Davis is the only city that is known to have incorporated from Los Santos.
  • The real city of Davis is located west of Sacramento, Northern California.


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