De Koch (non-capitalized: de Koch; also deKoch) is a fine jewelers that appears in both 3D Universe and HD Universe.


The brand is advertised on the radio but it is not found in San Andreas as a business, although the business address (found in the official manual of the game) on the billboards read Dix Road, Los Santos. In GTA IV, de Koch has several shops, located on Albany Avenue, Lancaster and Columbus Avenue, Star Junction, AlgonquinLiberty City. In GTA V and GTA Online, the player can buy De Koch clothing accessories at Ponsonbys. In GTA Online, organizations can store and sell looted De Koch jewelry. In addition, a De Koch clock can be found in many interiors, such as a Traditional-style Hangar.


The company is a parody of De Beers.

Clothing Acessories


Item Price
De Koch Diamond Studs $4,590
De Koch Obsidian Studs $4,100
De Koch Sapphire Studs $3,850
De Koch Opal Studs $1,850
De Koch Platinum Studs $5,250
De Koch Garnet Studs $2,700
De Koch Jasper Studs $3,100
De Koch Aquamarine Studs $5,050


  • The name is a play on "the cock".