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"So Toni, what do you wanna talk about? Is it the protection money? It is, isn't it?! Toni?"
Giovanni Casa

Dead Meat is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories given to protagonist Toni Cipriani by his mother from her restaurant in the Saint Mark's district of Portland Island, Liberty City.


Toni goes to his mother's restaurant to see her, but is again verbally attacked by her. Ma Cipriani complains that Giovanni Casa has stopped paying his protection money since Toni took a picture of him in his diaper. Although not pleased with Casa, she admires his guts for standing up to a Cipriani and tells Toni that she wished he had Casa's guts.

Toni decides to get Casa's guts literally, and drives over to his delicatessen in Chinatown. Toni picks up Casa from his delicatessen and takes him to the Liberty City Sawmills, where he intends on killing Casa. Casa remains unaware that Toni is about to kill him, until Toni switches on the grinder machine.

Casa attempts to escape and asks a sawmill worker to call the police, but continues to run around in circles within the sawmill until Toni catches up with him and kills him by the time the police arrives. Toni puts Casa's body through the grinder and cuts his corpse using an axe before delivering it to his own deli whilst evading the police. The clerk decides to take the meat and sell it through the deli, with the clerk unaware that the meat is actually the flesh of his boss.

Mission objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Swing by Giovanni Casa's deli and 'persuade' him to take a little road trip with you.
  • Take Casa to the sawmill.
  • Don't let Casa get out alive.
  • Sicilian style 'Sausage meat a la Casa' is in the van waiting to be delivered back to Casa's own deli.
  • Lose the cops.
  • Take the delivery to Casa's deli.



The reward for this mission is $500. The mission No Son of Mine is unlocked.


  • Casa's deli can be accessed before taking him to the sawmills. There are policemen in it, though.
  • This mission is arguably one of the most violent missions in the series, as it involves mutilation though not clearly visible.
  • This is the only time players can access the interior of the sawmills. After this, it will be locked in the remainder of the game.
  • When it comes to killing Casa, all your other weapons are disabled and you can only use either your fists or the Fire Axe given automatically.
    • However, you still get a firearm by entering any weapon cheat and shoot him instead. Casa's health are scripted to be weak, so he can be killed in two shots of a pistol or SMG.
  • As killing Giovanni Casa is a difficult chore, one may want to follow the in game tutorials, which instruct the player to sneak up behind Casa to kill him.
  • It is possible to look at the person in the Mafia Sentinel before Ma pulls away.
  • There is always a man who gets run over by Ma's car at the end of the starting cutscene.
  • Strangely, during the opening cutscene, when Toni walks up the steps to the restaurant, a man dressed in black will pass him by going the other direction. This man is one of the hitmen hired by Ma Cipriani, indicating that she has already called the hit on Toni.
  • There is some dialogue cut in the cutscene with the sawmills from the PSP/PS2 versions. In the mobile version it's restored, however.

Video walkthrough

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