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Deal Breaker (GTA Online)

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Deal Breaker is a mission in Grand Theft Auto Online to the player. It is available up to 4 players.


The Ballas and the Vagos are having a drug meeting over some warehouses near Dutch London St. Gerald is interested and wants the team to head to the meeting, kill all the members and get the coke to his apartment. Once all the gangsters are dead and one of the team members collected the stuff, more Ballas and Vagos will come in SUV's and the player needs to kill them all. When done, the player needs to simply get the coke back to Gerald's apartment.

Mission objective

  • Go to the drug deal
  • Steal the coke.
  • Deliver the coke to Gerald's apartment.
  • Help deliver the coke to Gerald's apartment.
  • Deliver the coke to Gerald's apartment.


Video walkthrough

GTA Online - Mission - Deal Breaker Hard Difficulty03:58

GTA Online - Mission - Deal Breaker Hard Difficulty

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