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"There goes my careful planning blown to shit, thanks to you! You screwed up real good, Lance!"
Tommy Vercetti

Death Row is the only mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City given to protagonist Tommy Vercetti by Malibu Club member Kent Paul.



After a phone from Kent Paul, Tommy heads to the Malibu Club and finds out from Paul that Lance Vance unsuccessfully tried to kill Ricardo Diaz and Diaz has captured him. Now Diaz's people are torturing Lance in the Junkyard. After hearing this Tommy quickly heads to junkyard to rescue Lance before he dies.

The Mission

This is perhaps one of the most difficult missions in the whole game. Pick up some Body Armor and heavy weapons before accepting the mission. Time is of the essence here, so you will need a fast vehicle or a helicopter. One method for speed through traffic without delay or damage to your vehicle would be to use a FBI Washington or VCPD Cheetah with its sirens on. The sirens would make it easy to clear roadways while speeding to Lance's location.

Head to the junkyard and you'll face a barricade at the gate. If your car catches fire on the stretch of road leading up to the junkyard, it's a good idea to bail out of it as it hits the barricade, causing mass destruction and saving yourself. This is quite difficult to engineer, however. A more surefire method is to pull in at the left side of the road just before the barricade and snipe their cars until they explode and take out the guards around them.

One recommendation is to go through the back of the junkyard, and get on top of the trash pile, as this gives you an excellent vantage point to fire down on Diaz's gang. Make sure you're ready for battling them, as they will engage you with Rugers and Uzis in the gunfight. While the gang members drop lots of money, don't go out of your way to pick up the cash, and remember that Lance's health is dropping steadily. Run towards the yellow marker to find Lance and trigger a cutscene. Afterward, stay in front of Lance to shield him from any remaining goons, as he can only take a couple of bullets before dying.

As you exit the junkyard, Diaz's men in four Comets will come after you as you try to deliver Lance to the Schuman Health Care Center. If you took the Sentinel, it is recommended that you back into the junkyard to trap a couple Comets there, then accelerate forward as they try to get back their bearings, since the Sentinel won't be able to outrun the agile and fast Comets in a straight chase. Alternatively, if you take the Trashmaster, it can withstand lots of punishment.

There are other variations in completing this mission. A motorcycle (preferably a Freeway for the ruggedness and speed) is effective at quickly getting to Lance's shed (once you've eliminated the barricade, ignore the others in the junkyard) and it is fast enough to outrun the Comets; however if a tire gets punctured or if the motorcycle gets knocked down, you'll have to restart the mission. Landing a helicopter by Lance's shed also enables you to avoid most of the junkyard thugs. After the conclusion of this mission, Tommy cuts his ties with Diaz.

You may also use the bulletproof Admiral (from Guardian Angels) or a Rhino (from Sir, Yes Sir! if you store it at the Hyman Condo instead of the lockup) to beat the mission.

Mission objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Get to the junkyard and kill Diaz's goons
  • Rescue Lance
  • Drive Lance to the hospital in Downtown after getting rid of the pursuers

Post mission phone call

Colonel Juan Cortez: Tommy, Thomas it's Cortez. Look, the French are giving me all kinds of trouble, amigo. Damn hyprocrites. They spend a hundred years stealing from poor countries and they call me a thief! I am going to need your help as soon as possible, amigo. So please hurry, Tommy, I need you, all right? I hate the damn French.

Tips & Tricks

  • Every part of this mission is very difficult. The first part, if you don't have a good weapon or aim badly, you can lose a lot of ammo, health or armor. The second part is again hard, as the Comets are very fast and if you don't get the Trashmaster, but instead the Sentinel, you are likely to fail the mission as they ram you, your car explodes and Lance is likely to be run over or caught in the explosion.
    • If the player elect not to use the helicopter or the Rhino (Jacked in a six star wanted frenzy or from Baxter AFB), then the easiest way to complete this mission and make it much easier is a couple of things: 1. Get the rocket launcher and the PSG-1 or the sniper rifle. 2. Do not take the sentinel out of the junkyard, or at least, not very far. 3. memorize the quickest way to the junk yard. The 3rd part is the most important. Use either a helicopter or a fast bike, such as the PCJ-600. Open the map and figure out the quickest way there. Once there, on the street leading to the junkyard, abandon the car or bike and let it slide forward towards the entrance, take out the rocket launcher and aim for the abandoned vehicle. The explosion should take out multiple guards. Then use the sniper to quickly kill the remaining guards. Once Lance is free, kill the remaining few, if there still any left. Now take the Sentinel and just go out the Junk Yard. Once the game prompts the player that more Diaz men in the four Comets have arrived, turn 180 and head back into the Junkyard. Off to the player's right and near the entrance is a raised light blue platform. Stop there and get on. If any of the Diaz men make it through, they will have an impossible time reaching the player since they never abandon their vehicles and the Comet can not get up the Platform. Destroy their vehicles at your leisure. Most likely, they will be stuck at the entrance sides, if this happens, take out the rocket launcher and blow them all up in one go. This will usually garner 2 wanted stars but will make the "runaway" a cinch compared to other wise.
    • You can also use the small red bridge to escape with Lance to the hospital. When you get out from junkyard in a Sentinel or any fast car, simply turn right between two buildings, then across the bridge. After that you can return to the street, drive through the Print Works building and then to the hospital in Downtown by a 2-lane road. There is no other peds and cars appeared in the city during escape, and you can get lost from Diaz guys for a while, so it makes the escape part of this mission much easier.
    • A much easier but longer way to complete this missions is to collect 90 Hidden Packages BEFORE attempting the mission. Collecting the 90 Hidden Packages will cause a Rhino Tank to spawn at Fort Baxter Air Base, allowing the player to take it and use it in the mission. Once saving Lance at the junkyard, using the Rhino in the escape to the hospital makes an extremely easy getaway, as Diaz's gang will most likely kill themselves inadvertently once they try to ram the player with their cars.
    • The best way to get to The Junkyard is to take the road that passes by the golf course. Between the Golf Course and Little Haiti there is no traffic which makes it quicker which is good considering time is of the essence here. When you reach the other side of the bridge, it's only a short drive to The Junkyard.
  • In the mobile version, there's a smaller amount of Diaz' goons to shoot, making the mission a lot easier.


  • The song that can be heard playing in the background during the opening cutscene is "All Night Long" by Mary Jane Girls. The song is also featured on the in-game radio station Fever 105. The song isn't played inside the Malibu Club during normal gameplay.
  • After Lance is dropped off at the hospital, he wields a Micro SMG while walking in.
  • This is a similar mission to Hostile Negotiation in GTA IV and Lamar Down in GTA V.
  • In the mobile version, the line in Juan Cortez' Phone call, "I hate the damn French" was censored.
  • This is one of two missions where the protagonist has to save Lance from an ambush, as Vic has to do the same in the Vice City Stories mission Burning Bridges.
  • This is the only mission in GTA Vice City that has no monetary reward aside from An Old Friend which is just a cutscene. However, Diaz's goons drop large amounts of money when killed, which can be collected as a "reward".


Video Walkthroughs


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