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"Go over the wall and find the car on the lot. Only the principal actors and stunt people are authorized to go near it, so, you could get in wardrobe and play the part, or...try something else. When you're out of there, and clear of studio security, call me."
Molly Schultz

Deep Inside is a mission in Grand Theft Auto V given to protagonist Franklin Clinton by Devin Weston.


Franklin approaches the Backlot City movie studio in Downtown Los Santos. Once there, he calls Molly Schultz who directs him to his current target, the famous movie car JB 700. Molly informs Franklin that only actors and stunt people are authorized to be on the lot, so he will need to either steal Brendan Roberts's costume or find some other way to approach the car. 

Franklin enters the lot. He sneaks up on Brendan and knocks him out with a stealth attack. Franklin drags Brendan into a nearby trailer and there dons Brendan's white tuxedo. From there, Franklin approaches the set where the JB 700 is preped for filming and is occupied by an actress. Once Franklin enters the car, studio security immediately attach. Franklin drives out of the lot, the actress in the passenger seat yelling at him and occasionally grabbing the wheel, which results in the JB 700 jerking to the right. Franklin uses the JB 700's spike strips to disable the three studio security cars following him, then uses the car's ejector button to get rid of the actress. When he has removed all pursuers and witnesses, Franklin calls Molly, who tells him to take the car to Hayes Auto. Molly also tells Franklin to be on the lookout for a stranger who seems to be watching the garage.

When Franklin arrives at the lockup, he meets Weston. Suddenly, Lamar Davis appears. Weston is excited by Lamar's appearance and encourages Franklin to include Lamar in the next heist. Franklin disparages the suggestion. He leaves the garage alone.

Mission objectives

  • Get inside.
  • Find the actor.
  • Get in the car.
  • Deliver the car to the garage.
  • Lose the security.

Gold Medal objectives

  • Not a Scratch - Deliver the JB 700 with minimal damage.
  • Fastest Speed - Reach top speed in the JB 700.
  • Stealthy Recasting - Knock out the actor with a stealth attack.
  • Premature Ejector - Use the ejector seat within 10 seconds.
  • Second Strike - Run over the actor as you escape in JB 700.


  • The mission's name is another of Rockstar's sexual puns, as well as a play on the fact Franklin is going 'deep undercover' by posing as an actor to steal the car.
  • During the mission, Franklin's female passenger is launched out of the car's roof with an ejector seat. This is an obvious reference to James Bond, specifically the film Goldfinger, in which Bond drives an Aston Martin DB5 (on which the JB 700 is based) which features a passenger ejector seat and several other gadgets, just like the car in the game.
  • When Franklin steals Brendan's clothes, it might be a reference to the Hitman series, since the protagonist, Agent 47, disguise himself with other people's clothes and is still able to fool them, even if he is nothing like the original person he stole the clothes from, same goes for Franklin in this mission.
  • After this mission, the JB 700 will be available to buy via the website
  • To the right of the car park, the player can find Anton Beaudelaire directing Meltdown on greenscreen. If Franklin comes too close to the set or kills Anton or Milton McIlroy, security will be alerted and the mission will fail.
  • The way the woman attempts to escape Franklin by grabbing the steering wheel is extremely similar to how Gracie Ancelotti tries to escape Niko Bellic in the pink Feltzer during the mission I'll Take Her....


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