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Default.dat in Grand Theft Auto IV.

# Object types
IDE common:/data/default.ide
IDE common:/data/vehicles.ide
IDE common:/data/peds.ide

ANIMGRP common:/data/animgrp.dat
HANDLING common:/data/handling.dat
VEHICLEEXTRAS common:/data/VehicleExtras.dat
PLAYER platform:/models/cdimages/playerped.rpf
PEDGRP common:/data/pedgrp.dat
CARGRP common:/data/cargrp.dat
RADIO common:/data/radiohud.dat
RADIOLOGOS independent:/textures/radio_hud.itd
WEAPONINFO common:/data/weaponinfo.xml
THROWNWEAPONINFO common:/data/thrownweaponinfo.xml
PEDPERSONALITY common:/data/pedpersonality.dat
MELEEANIMS common:/data/meleeanims.dat
ACTIONTABLE common:/data/action_table.csv
EXPLOSIONFX common:/data/effects/explosionFx.dat
VEHOFF common:/data/vehOff.csv
FMENUFILE common:/data/frontend_menus.xml
LBDATAFILE common:/data/leaderboards_data.xml
LBICONSFILE independent:/textures/Leaderboards.itd

HTML http:

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