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[[File:Perro_2.png|thumb|178px|Del Perro Freeway showing in the east part.]] '''[[Del Perro ]]Freeway '''is a freeway that appears in [[GTA V]] showing his position to east. It is a part of the ingame interstate 2 and is based on the Santa Monica Freeway in Los Angeles. It begins near the [[Del Perro Pier]], hence it's name, and heads east.
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*The word "Del Perro" means "Of The Dog" or "From the Dog" in Spanish. This could be a parody Del Amo Boulevard in real life Los Angeles, Del Amo literally means "Of The Owner" or "From the Owner" (as in the owner of the dog).
*Strangely, the Interstate sign that bears number 2 is a nonexistent Interstate Highway in USA, so it is not referencing any real highway. However, GTA V is in beta so Rockstar might fix this mistake.
*Interstate 2 exists as a freeway in Hawaii but is noted as H-2.
[[File:I-2_San_Andreas.png|thumb|left|I-2 San Andreas recreated sign.]]
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