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Del Perro Freeway

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The Del Perro Freeway (Interstate 2)
Interstate 2 Shield

Part of the San Andreas Highway System

The Del Perro Freeway (Interstate 2) is a major freeway that runs through northern Los Santos heading east. It is most likely based on the Santa Monica Freeway in Los Angeles. Its western terminus is at a merging off the Great Ocean Highway (Route 1) in Del Perro and goes east throughout the northern-central section of Los Santos before it later turns southwards and ends at the intersection of the Olympic Freeway ( Interstate 4 ). 

The highway never serve less than six lanes in total and is one of the largest highways in the GTA series by max lanes. The highway is eight lanes without lane merges at its greatest.

Del Perro Freeway is a Interstate highway in the ingame Interstate system.





  • The Del Perro Freeway is loosely based off of the real-life Interstate 10, also known as the Santa Monica Freeway.
  • Interstate 2 exists as a freeway in deep South Texas



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