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Del Perro Pier is a world-famous pier featured in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online.


It is located in Del Perro, Los Santos. It is mainly accessed through Red Desert Avenue.

Del Perro Pier is renowned for its bright, vivid colours that shine at night, giving the surrounding beaches a sort of vibe.

It is home to many attractions. At the end of the pier is a viewing area where one can look at the Pacific Ocean through a Telescope. Throughout the pier, there are several different restaurants and shops, including a parking lot on the pier itself. Towards the centre of the Del Perro Pier is an amusement park known as Pleasure Pier. It is most well-known for its ferris wheel and roller coaster that emit bright flashing lights at night (which the player can ride). There are also vending machines nearby that help replenish the player's health.

Due to the pier's popularity, the player should expect to see many pedestrians roaming about. They can be seen driving up to the pier, taking a walk, leaning over the rails, or spectating the performers. Retreating to the pier with a wanted level leads to a dead end. A good tip to survive a firefight is to take cover in the bathrooms in the amusement park.


It is closely modelled after the Santa Monica Pier.

Events of GTA V

After Michael De Santa smashes his son's TV, he forces Jimmy to go biking on the beach with him. As their ride ends at Del Perro Pier, it is revealed that Tracey was hanging out with some pornstars offshore, causing Michael to go into a rage and jump off the pier.


The pier in the enhanced version.

Later in the game, if Franklin chose Option C, then the mission requires Trevor to hunt down and kill Steve Haines, who is on the Ferris wheel broadcasting his TV show. Killing Steve immediately gains a wanted level.

Mission Appearances

Grand Theft Auto V
Grand Theft Auto Online

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