"For a night you'll never remember"

Deludamol is a painkiller in Grand Theft Auto V.


Despite the absence of any Deludamol store in the State of San Andreas, many vans with their logo on its side can still be found parked in the front of every major hospital and pharmacy store in the game. Deludamol bears a striking resemblance to the real-life prescription drug Dilaudid, a high potency semi-synthetic opioid.

Mission Appearences



  • Deludamol is a portmanteau of the words 'delusion', which would fit with the theory that Trevor's mother wasn't really there, and 'co-codamol', a painkiller.
  • Deludamol could also be read as 'Delude 'em all', implying that the drug is not effective and that the company simply distributes it to make a less-than-honest profit, playing to the satirization of modern society prevalent in the game.