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"For a night you'll never remember"

Deludamol is an unknown drug substance, possibly painkillers based on the name, in Grand Theft Auto V.


During the Strangers and Freaks mission Mrs. Philips, Mrs. Philips asks her son to steal an entire load of deludamol for her. When Trevor does bring the Drugs to his trailer, Mrs. Philips is no where to be seen as she has either abandoned her son or was possibly a hallucination of Trevor's who with his mental state is not entirely impossible.


  • A van full of deludamol can be found in the front of every major hospital in GTA V.


  • Deludamol could be a play on the word "Dellusion" this would fit with the theory that Trevor's mother wasn't really there.
  • Deludamol could also be read as "Delude 'em all," implying that the drug is not effective and that the company simply distributes it to make a less-than-honest profit, playing to the satirization of modern society prevalent in the game.

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