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The Deluxo is a fast 80s-like sports car, which appears in only Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.


The Deluxo is based on the DeLorean DMC-12, although various differences may be noted, including taillights more reminiscent of Ferrari's dual circular taillights from many of its 1970s and 1980s models, headlights and body shape similar to those of a Renault Alpine GTA/A610, and a wider spectrum of body colors.  The Deluxo also resembles an Audi Quattro (1980-1991), and like the Quattro, it also has a front-engine AWD drivetrain. 


The Deluxo is a fast car, but its speed is not on par with the Infernus or the Cheetah. The engine has the same sound as the Infernus in GTA Vice City, so it may possibly be a V8 as well.  The vehicle's braking is pretty good and responsive, and its handling pretty satisfactory.  However, as a result of its AWD drivetrain, the Deluxo suffers from some moderate understeer.  To mitigate this understeer, take corners by slowing a bit with your normal brakes and drifting lightly through them with a dab of handbrake and countersteer.  Take care not to drift too heavily, or the rear end will swing wide and the car will oversteer.

The Deluxo is one of the better vehicles to drift with due to its AWD drivetrain.  The Deluxo is also a good vehicle to go racing with.  Its acceleration and speed is near the top level of all sports cars, and its AWD provides great stability in all conditions.  However, the Deluxo is rather fragile, so take care to avoid crashing too much.  Also, the vehicle tends to lose control while clipping objects at high speeds.


Trip Skip

A Deluxo visible on GTA San Andreas' trip skip icon.

  • The trip skip icon used in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas features the side profile of a Deluxo. The car is otherwise absent in-game. It may be a reference to the film series Back to the Future, which features a DeLorean-based time machine.
  • Mechanically, the Deluxo may resemble both the Renault Alpine GTA (high performance engine) and the AWD drivetrain of Audi Quattro, as in real-life, US-spec DeLoreans weren't particularly fast or sporty.


GTA Vice City

  • Parked inside Sunshine Autos after completing the first list for the import garage.

GTA Vice City Stories

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