180px-Denver Exeter Ave

Denver-Exeter Avenue

Denver-Exeter Avenue is a north-south running street starting perpendicular from Nickel Street in the Middle Park border, through Star Junction and ending on Garnet Street in The Triangle in Algonquin, in Grand Theft Auto IV.


The street combines Denver Avenue and Exeter Avenue, which run from the north of the island the northern border of Middle Park. It is based on the Times Square portion of Seventh Avenue, being one of the roads that makes up the Star Junction intersection. A Burger Shot restaurant is located at the Burlesque and Kunzite Street intersection. The Rotterdam Tower is on Denver-Exeter Avenue, between Hematite Street and Garnet Street in The Triangle.


Notable Bussiness


  • Possibly due to a glitch, sometimes a LSD worker will suddently cross the avenue with a broom, making it hard for some players to avoid him. Running him over may result in a wanted level.