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'''Denver Avenue''' is one of [[Algonquin]]'s seven North-South Avenues, based on New York's [[wp:Sixth Avenue|Sixth Avenue]] extending for seventeen blocks and serving inner east Algonquin. It starts at its Northern Terminus at the intersection of Wardite Street in [[Northwood]]. The avenue continues south through [[East Holland]] for three blocks until it reaches [[Topaz Street]]. Like its counterpart, [[Exeter Ave]], Denver Avenue is positioned as such that its path is obstructed for six blocks by [[Middle Park]] between [[Topaz Street]] and Nickel Street. As a result, these two avenues do not continue south beyond Topaz Street but re-emerge as a [[Denver-Exeter Avenue|combined avenue]] on the other side of the park. The larger combined avenue, [[Denver-Exeter Avenue]], extends south for seven blocks through the heart of [[Liberty City]], acting as one of the two major thoroughfares through [[Star Junction]] and [[The Triangle]]. Upon reaching Garnet Street, the combined avenue ends and Denver Avenue continues southbound from a staggered junction slightly further east. The Avenue returns to its two-lane structure, and allows northbound travel again, in the same condition as in [[Uptown Algonquin|Uptown]]. Denver Avenue boasts a cobblestone terrain as it passes through [[Little Italy]] between Feldspar and Emerald. The Avenue continues south into [[City Hall (Liberty City)|City Hall]] before eventually terminating at the [[South Parkway]] intersection in [[The Exchange|The Exchange.]]
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The street could be named after the [[wp:Denver|state capital, of the same name,]] of [[wp:Colorado|Colorado]].
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