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Derailed is a mission in Grand Theft Auto V, given by protagonist Trevor Philips to himself and Michael De Santa.


Michael and Trevor plan a scheme to rob a train carrying a mysterious cargo, which the latter believes to be highly valuable. Trevor sets off to pursue the train alone, while Michael goes to find a boat for the hit. Riding a dirt bike, Trevor finds the train and chases it on a country railroad, then boards it using a ramp. He rides the bike across the traincars, eventually reaching the train engine and knocking out the conductor to assume control.

Trevor passes the Merryweather unit at Paleto Bay station where the train was intended to stop and steers the train into a collision course with another locomotive, climbing out to the top and jumping into the water before both trains are destroyed in a spectacular crash in a bridge above Cassidy Creek. He meets up with Michael in the canyon, who uses explosive charges to open the target container in the water. Trevor fights off the Merryweather force, that attacks them with paratroopers, helicopters, and snipers. Having recovered the train's cargo, Trevor boards the boat and fends off the enemy as Michael drives. The two eventually reach open water and board separate escape vehicles.


  • The events of the mission were first shown in the second Grand Theft Auto V trailer, where Trevor jumps from the bridge before the train crash.
  • The optional task "Better than CJ" is a reference to Wrong Side of the Tracks in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas which has CJ riding a dirtbike and chasing after a train, very similar to what Trevor does. It is also a reference to the popular line said by Big Smoke All you had to do, was follow the damn train CJ!
  • After the mission has concluned Trevor is left with his getaway car and the Dinghy on the beach. This is a good opportunity to use the Dinghy to dive for the weapons in the Alamo Sea from the Minor Turbulence mission.


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