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For other uses, see Derek

Derek in his unique appearance, in the mission Tanker Commander.

"That rig will crush us!"

Derek is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series who appears as a minor character in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


Derek is an employee at a gas station in Dillimore, where he serves people at the till. He is seen in the mission Tanker Commander, where he reluctantly gives chase (being forced to do so by another employee) to Carl Johnson and Catalina who had stolen a tanker full of petrol. The player can choose to kill him by getting out of the tanker and shooting him or dealing enough damage to his car during the chase and cause it to explode. If the player doesn't do this and delivers the tanker to Mr. Whittaker's depot, a cutscene ensues where Derek crashes the car into a gas station and blows it up. Derek manages to jump out of the car before impact and survives, as does the other employee, although both can be killed after the mission has been completed. It is also worth noting that Derek's model is the same as a San Fierro pedestrian. Derek also gets scared during the chase and says things like; "This ain't my fight!", or "That rig will crush us!" all whilst the gas station owner is yelling at him to get closer so he can get a better shot.


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