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Design Your Own Mission (DYOM) is a mission mod for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas created by PatrickW and Dutchy3010. It allows users to create a new mission ingame, without writing a single line of SCM script. The mod works as a mission pack.


Installation is very simple. Just copy the MPACK folder from the archive to your "San Andreas User Files" (in My Documents). To add downloaded missions, just copy the DYOMx.dat files into "San Andreas User Files". CLEO 3 is needed for this modification to Save/Load missions, CLEO 4 is not supported and will not work.

Popular DYOM Mission pack

  1. CodeName: Zulu Mission Pack:
  2. Episode From Las venturas
  3. S.A.S.F.A.S.O
  4. Army Fourteenth team

1.CodeName:Zulu by Mattatta

You play as agent zulu,he is secret goverment military agent know as falling angel headed by toreno,falling
  • Raiding Warehouse(Codename:Zulu)
  • Besieged(CodeName:Zulu)
  • Ambush(CodeName:Zulu)
  • S.S.U Member(CodeName:Zulu)
  • Episode From Las Venturas Logo
angel mission is to figth Crime,terror,chaos

Russian Group has rise in San andreas,You must stop the russian group

2.Episode From Las venturas by leoncj

In Liberty City there are no "Normal People". There are always: Pimps, Gangs, Mafia's, Playa's and other. A 1 guy called Vladimir "Vlad" Johnson was in Liberty. He wanted to be a Mafia's Leader, but he couldn't. In 2001 Years, Vlad met Joe Germad. Joe helped Vlad a lot... They both worked in the Marco's Bistro for a while, after Marco got killed by Carl Johnson, a new boss of Marco Bistro, was Joe's boss. Vlad left that job in 2002 years and started a drug dealing business. Vlad's brother Tommy Johnson was a drug dealer too, but in San Andreas, Las Venturas. In 2004 years, Vlad wanted to be someone else, but they called him: The Playa'. After it he killed some people, including Joe's boss. In 2005 years, Tommy had deals with V-Rock hotel, Walter Sellemer. Walter was a old buyer in Liberty City back in 2002 years. After it Walter met some Roberto and left Liberty. Tommy now needs Vlad's help to stop the deals with Walter, but Vlad arrived to Venturas so he could relax a little. Vlad went to a Las Venturas Museum and met Robinson "Rob" Mason.,

3.S.A.S.F.A.S.O by leoncj

2000 years, San Andreas. The land of death, land of gangs, land of drugs. San Andreas became the most dangerous island in the world. Full of gangs, mafia's, drugs, weapons and other. The Army can't do anything... San Andreas president asked the Government of the United States of America to help to stop the crimes, but they didn't cared about San Andreas.
2001 years, the crimes ended. Gangs stopped the turf wars and the police were back. Two months later the gang war started again, San Andreas gangs were back, but this time... The police, SWAT's, FBI's and the Army were prepared. San Andreas President had a plan to stop the crimes for ever...'
  • Mission 1(S.A.S.F.A.S.O)
  • Mission 3(S.A.S.F.A.S.O)
  • Mission 7(S.A.S.F.A.S.O)
  • Mission 12(S.A.S.F.A.S.O)
  • Army foruteenth Team Logo

4.Amy Fourteenth Team by brian walker

You are Matt Baker, an soldier of the american army, You are a part of the Fourteenth Team, With your teammates (all main characters) you have to complete a lot of missions... But in the war all wont survive... you lost some teammates... and find others!,

Mod Popularity

The mod is considered to be very popular among modders. Currently there are over 8000 user-made missions.

The mod popularity had given its authors the idea of making a contest the goal of which is to create the best mission using Design Your Own Mission mod. Each contest lasts for a certain period of time, then the jury consisting of the mod authors and the winner of the previous contest choose the best missions from the ones that were submitted. After that the members of and vote for the winner.

Since the second the contests have a specific theme the missions should be made on.

Contest Theme Period Mission
#1 None 21 Feb 09 - 01 Mar 09 Rest in Peace
#2 Gunfights 04 Apr 09 - 19 Apr 09 Deconstruction for Beginners
#3 Military 5 June 10 - 5 Aug 10 The Wanted


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