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A Destroyer in GTA Chinatown Wars, during "Torpedo Run".

The Destroyer is a military boat in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars.


The boat is designed as a small torpedo boat for the Military, designed to fire torpedoes at watercraft, and functions in tandem with the Coast Guard Launch as a pursuit vehicle when the player attains a high wanted level.

The boat's torpedo capabilities is unlimited, as the player can fire indefinite numbers of fast-loading torpedoes, while being capable of a relatively fast nautical speed, although its still requires a large turning radius as other large boats do. The boat's endurance is also substantially good, being able to survive up to five explosions before catching fire.


  • While the boat has no spawn points at docks. The boat is featured during "Torpedo Run", when the player must still one from a LCPD dock on the eastern shoreline of East Holland and destroyed a Zhouboat with it.

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