"Unblock your chakras and realign your lunar and solar spheres with a series of humiliating moves named after animals"
— GTA V Manual

Detox With Fabien is a Yoga program owned by Fabien LaRouche in Grand Theft Auto V.


For $500 per hour, Fabien LaRouche provides private yoga classes throughout the Los Santos area. The program also has its own website in the in-game internet,


Punching Starfish

Fabien-GTA V-1

A special pose that is both spiritual and mental, practiced in the Far East, popularized by the Greeks. It is a pose that requires discipline to be entered slowly, or injury may occur and cause a partner to weep and never attempt the pose again.

Downward Facing Camel


True Namaste is achieved with this pose as the celestial spark within us is free – and the third eye opens to increase the flow of divine love.

Lucky Triangle


This deeply spiritual pose frequently begins with salutations with a potential partner to see if they are interested in stretching their mind and spirits after consuming some. Often requires a safe word.

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