Dialogue in Grand Theft Auto Online.

Vehicle Warehouse Mechanic

Before customizing export cars

  • We know what we've got to do.
  • Let's get ready to work.
  • Let's get to work.
  • Okaay let's get it ready to ship.

When customizing export cars

  • Hard at work, boss, hard at work.
  • How's that look? I hope the buyer likes it.
  • They're getting a whole lotta car.
  • There you go. Bet the buyer won't even notice when you drop it off.
  • I hate to think what your mark-up on that thing is.
  • Lookin' good.
  • Just like that, it disappeared.
  • I'm paid well below my skill level.
  • Installed.
  • Not bad, if you ask me.
  • Your own personal DMV.
  • Workers unite.
  • That's some machine.
  • Wouldn't recognize it.
  • Look at that finish.
  • Entitled "prick".
  • I can still work a spray can!
  • She's gone dark.
  • It's got a whole new profile.
  • Look at me mamma', printing license plates for a livin'.
  • You know who makes good license plates? Prison inmates.
  • No one's looking for that plate.
  • Annnd, it's off the grid.
  • So much for the best security money can buy.
  • I should work in a pit team.
  • Good thing we had em in stock!
  • Shoes make the man.
  • New boots.

Finishing up

  • My work is done, just, get it to the buyer.
  • I've done my part, get the papers and drop her off.
  • I'm done. You just gotta get the slip, get it to the buyer, and take allll the credit.
  • That's everything. Now pick up the pink-slip and get it to the buyer.
  • There you go, now drop it off and take the credit.
  • I done my bit. Pick up the pink slip and take it to the buyer.

General conversation in the warehouse

  • Arh dear.
  • Half the time I'm standing here like a meat manic, and not a, skilled worker, y'know?
  • How about the air in here, anyone else feel stifled?
  • Inspecting the line, are you boss?
  • No break for me, no? I'll keep on working then.
  • Wouldn't hurt to get some natural light in here.
  • Keep on keepin' on.
  • I got ideas of how we can improve the management structure if anyone wants to, you know, ask.
  • Still better than working down a coal mine...definitely better...yep.
  • Ugh, I hope someone's monitoring carbon monoxide levels.
  • The things I could say about this organisation. But then I signed that MDA. Surprised you didn't get me to sign it in blood.
  • Towing away over here boss, uh.
  • Boss is here!
  • Workers rights!
  • I gotta work in these conditions?

When been provoked/annoyed

  • Dude.
  • Jeez!
  • Not cool!
  • What!?
  • Fuck!
  • Pig!
  • Woah.
  • Ahh-ahhh!
  • Shit!
  • No!
  • Wowzer
  • Argh!
  • Scumbag!
  • Motherfucker!
  • The fuck!
  • Balls!
  • You're up your own ass!
  • Asshole
  • Damn!
  • Urghh.
  • Crap.
  • Wahh!
  • Hey!

When another player in Organisation is taking time customizing

  • As usual someone else is holding up the rest of the group. When they've finished on their car you can go.
  • You might be ready, but the rest of the group isn't. When their cars are done you can go.