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*What we are supposed to be, man?
*What we are supposed to be, man?
*Honey's Taxi!
*Honey's Taxi!
===Vercetti Gang===
*Oh come on, come on, move!
*We got work to do asshole, what are you doing?
*Whoa you see that? This town is full of morons!
*Do you want me to deal with them?
*Look out!
*Are you drunk or something?
*Hey, these shoes are new!
*Why do you do that for?
*Should I kill them?
*He's been hit, everybody alright?
*What's going on?
*Forget about Mario!
*You better tell him, Mario!
*Hey Mario, I never asked you sister about it man!
*I wouldn't do that, I got those clothes you want it.
*Careful asshole!
*Do you know who we work for?
*Come here, prick!
*We do that for living asshole!
*Hey! Look at her, I didn't want like this!
*Why you hit me asshole?
*Why did I do to you?
*Give me a break asshole!
*Can we still drive?
*Take it easy!
*I didn't mean nothing.
*What is this?
*I've always been loyal, get off!
*You can't jack me, who do you think I am?
*You kidding me?
*Get lost or I'll kill you!
*Get lost, get out of here!
*We got a problem here.
*Where are we?
*Who brought us here?
*Yeehee! Taxi! Cabbie!
*Move, come on, move!
*Hey moron, move!
*Drive, asshole!
*Don't push the Mario man!
*Wow they hit us! Should I tell that?
*I don't want the cops here, let's get out of here!
*You did what?
*I told myself, Mario, take it easy!
*What should I do about her, I hate that woman!
*She always give me a hurt time.
*What hurt what we got?
*You blind idiot, learn to drive!
*Where do these people learn to drive?
*Come on asshole, you nearly hit me!
*Look at that, now that's a woman!
*Talk to me, don't hit me!
*Easy, shoot them, not me.
*Get of me!
*You can't jack us!
*We need that, now get lost.
*Who's got the map?
*I got my money on three wives!
*Call my wife, kill her at over.
*Do you know who we are, asshole?
*Het asshole, move, move!
*Hey, what's the supreme?
*Heey, stay back!
*Come on, don't push me!
*Keep going, keep going!
*Hey hey, it's Mr. V!
*Tommy, you gonna love this!
*You got problem with the street kids.
*You got to listen to this one man!
*Where we going now boss?
*Do you know I've been loyal?
*Hey prick, come in, we gonna kill you.
*Asshole, I see you asshole!
*My lord, this is a heaven!
*I gotta hit you back!
*This town is screwed!
*I think this belongs to me!
*Call my mother!
*Whoa, I can't believe that!
*Taxi over here!

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This is a list of some dialogues spoken by pedestrians, law enforcements, gangs and even characters in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

Government jobs

Coast Guard

  • Stop, right this second!
  • Hey prick, stop your boat!
  • Where are the cops?
  • You are violating regulations!
  • Stop!
  • Stop that boat immediately!
  • There he is, on the boat, stop it!
  • You, though guy, stop your vehicle!
  • VCPD Guards, stop right know!
  • I'll shoot!
  • You are under arrest pal!
  • Asshole, stop that damn boat, you are breaking the law!
  • Boats in range, stop or I will shoot.
  • You're under arrest on suspicious business!

Heli Support

  • You're completely surrounded!
  • You had your last chance!
  • This is the VCPD, put your guns down!
  • There he is, take him out!
  • There he is, over there!
  • There he is, suspecting range.
  • This is VCPD, stop right now!
  • This is VCPD, you are under arrest!
  • Hey! He is not stopping, shoot him!
  • Backup!
  • We see you asshole!

VCPD Officers

  • Show me some ID.
  • I may have to hurt you.
  • I'm trained!
  • Police business, move please!
  • Stop!
  • Hope for your sake that I don't catch you!
  • I'm an officer of the law, stop!
  • Your under arrest.
  • This is cop business sir.
  • Come on wise guy give it a shot.
  • We have you surrounded!
  • We have you surrounded asshole.
  • Get him!
  • Take him out!
  • We have you fully surrounded criminal.
  • Cover me, I don't wanna die.
  • Come on hit me, I wanna retire!
  • I'm retiring soon cover me!
  • Don't make me angry!
  • Dangerous driving is a crime!
  • I see you over there.
  • You're breaking the law!
  • I want ten minutes alone with this asshole.
  • I hope you like prison food.
  • Your going nowhere.
  • Call your lawyer!
  • Don't move a muscle chump.
  • Don't move a muscle!
  • Stay right there tough guy!
  • Hope you have a good lawyer punk.
  • Headshot.
  • Show me your money.
  • Not so big now mister.
  • I got him.
  • Hey get back here!
  • He's mine!
  • I see him.
  • Nothing, its only a scratch.
  • Get me back out there.
  • My first day on the job and this happens.
  • Uh, can I retire now?

Main Characters

Ken Rosenberg

  • Tommy Vercetti is an innocent man!
  • Officer, do you really think my client was capable of that?
  • Tommy Vercetti walks right here, or we sue for defemation.
  • My client wasn't even in town today, and you know it.
  • Of course he looks like a suspect, that don't make him guilty, you look like an idiot, that doesn't mean you're one.
  • Vercetti walks right now or there's going to be hell to pay.
  • Tommy Vercetti is a kind of man, a generous man, a civic minded man, but he does not appreciate being called a killer officer.
  • Come on officer, Tommy Vercetti wasn't even in Vice City on the day in question.
  • Tommy Vercetti doesn't even own a gun, how could he do that, now let him go.
  • You know and I know Tommy Vercetti never did that.
  • Vercetti walks or you can kiss your promotion, goodbye pal.
  • Oh sure he was there, but that hardly means he did it.
  • Vercetti walks right now! Bail or I sue.
  • You wouldn't know the truth if you found it banging your wife, now shut up and release my client... and your wife's not that great.
  • Oh really, cuz you saw it, it must have happened oh ho ho what a load of crap and you know it!
  • Come on officer, officer! What, are you drinking on the job?
  • Get sargent Palanzki down here, that chump owes me a favor.
  • My client is a very important man, and he won't respond kindly to these revolting accusations.
  • All you evidence is sircumstancial bullshit and you know it.
  • We're trying to prepare a legal case officer not swing around accusations like a preapeck dodo.
  • You think your opinion is important here !? We're talking about a man's freedom!
  • Don't make me get irritated with you officer, you can not substanciate your claims in any way shape or form, Vercetti walks!
  • These charges, they ain't worth the paper they're written on and you know it.
  • You have no grounds for refusing bails right now.
  • My client is innocent!
  • You think that is going to stand up in the court?
  • Come'on, he's an innocent man, officer!
  • If i have to make a claim against the police department for this outrage, I will.

Working Class Citizens

Construction Worker

  • Off the road! Move that piece, step out, dumb ass!
  • This traffic sucks!
  • Kill this guy!
  • Why you don't keep moving?
  • Get out the way.
  • I got the death bread, you lose!
  • Think about it, dickhead!
  • Freaking wise guy!
  • Do you want to get murdered?
  • I'll erase you from existence!
  • I can't feel my legs!
  • Bam! That was a good one!
  • Ruhrrr, ruhrrr. ruhrr!!!
  • I feel like killing someone!
  • You dick!
  • He turns him alive to the soul!
  • Construction business saves from whips!
  • Prick, what the hell you doing?
  • Ah! Get that clown!
  • Nice ass, baby!
  • Come on you prick, you're dead!
  • That guy got a gun!
  • Someone get a car!
  • Someone shoot this asshole!
  • Aah!
  • Aah, no!
  • No, why me? I didn't do it, my goodness!
  • Oh, that was dumb!
  • I'll be sure, you'll be dead!
  • What the hell?
  • You got a nice ass baby!
  • Now, this is fun!
  • Where's the barrel around here?
  • Do this for me before!
  • Easy!
  • A candy from a dead baby!
  • What kind a neighborhood is this?
  • When I catch your ass, you're dead!


  • Move that piece of crap!
  • Move on, dickface!
  • Can you believe in this asshole?
  • Get off of my way!
  • Get out of the road, asshole!
  • Let's go, time is pimping money.
  • Stay cool, boss.
  • Hey, easy up there G, need some action?
  • Need some peace for the night?
  • Watch yourself asshole!
  • Beat it, just beat it.
  • Relax baby, just one of my girls.
  • It's all you got, bitch?
  • You lucky, my hoses are okay.
  • You ugly bastard!
  • Ah, and I just got a little job.
  • You want something moron?
  • Hehe, watch it bitch!
  • Jackass!
  • Get out of the road, shitface!
  • Ah shit, my new jacket.
  • You need a nwe job honey? Stop at my office baby.
  • Uhm baby, yout sweet damn, what's up with you baby?
  • You want some of this, I will make you my bitch!
  • Hey, you are a ugly bitch, ugly out of my way.
  • You're going down!
  • What you got, chump?
  • Slow your ass down!
  • Relax.. be cool man, be cool.
  • Hey man, chill, not me.
  • Come on bro', I need this wheels.
  • What the hell are you doing?
  • You pay for this!
  • Though guy, huh?
  • Get the hell off me!
  • That shit almost kill me.
  • Put the closes out.
  • Come on Taxi, come on!



  • Where do he come from?
  • My arm, my life, my head!
  • You better stop running now!
  • I'm starting my own thing now!
  • One, two, you gonna getting in the face!
  • Hey man, que pasó man?
  • Cojones!
  • Que carajo!
  • Maricon, que passa?
  • You're so hard, chica!
  • Take me out!
  • Gringo estupido!
  • Your arms, and then your legs.
  • You don't scare me, put the gun down stupid.
  • No no, not my baby, kill you!
  • Hey, who are you?
  • Where the hell am I?
  • Gracias medico!
  • Psiu! Taxi!
  • You're really irritating me man!
  • I am not happy, man.
  • Out of my way man.
  • Oie que te pasa man?
  • Step out man.
  • Don't bull that shit man!
  • Do you know how will this going to cost !?
  • You're in trouble man!
  • Oie, no te lo crea, man.
  • One day this will be my town, man.
  • I am cubano man!
  • Tu quieres un cafezito?
  • Asshole!
  • Hey you man, you want something?
  • People walking here!
  • Assassino!
  • Oja que te mato!
  • En la cara, you asshole!
  • This will cost you, you in trouble.
  • I love this, this is a disaster.
  • You better pull that trigger man!
  • I will kill you man..
  • You crazy or something?
  • Da me esse carro, cabron!
  • Oh yeah!
  • I believe this belongs to me!
  • Where are we man?
  • Gracias man..
  • I'll run your ass man!
  • You wanna get out of the way?
  • Move your stupid ass!
  • You're blocking the freaking road man!
  • You better watch your hands man!
  • Ola comandante!
  • No me gusta!
  • Este es mi pueblo!
  • You see my face, keep walking!
  • You wanna feel the rage man?
  • I don't believe you hit my car man!
  • Esto no me gusta!
  • Es que no me creo man!
  • Chico, esto no puedo ser!
  • Everythime with you, man.
  • Always something, man.
  • I said, you understand me now man?
  • You trying to throw me over?
  • Funny? I will show you funny!
  • How many times man?
  • I don't like fighting man, that's not what I want!
  • Hey man, that's not fair!
  • Policia! This guy is throwing to run me out!
  • I will battle you out.
  • I will get out of my city and kill you!
  • Do you realize, you know?
  • Stay back!
  • You don't know what I'm saying?
  • Now you feel the rage!
  • Gracias pana!
  • I need a ride, taxi!
  • C'mon guy, move that shit!
  • Ola perro, move that shit!
  • Hey chico, you better say sorry!
  • I think we gonna have a problem here man.
  • This is my brand new freaking car !!!
  • I will murder you man!
  • This is getting ridiculous!
  • Man, you wanna go fishing?
  • You cabron, asshole!
  • Get back here!
  • I will show you the middle finger!
  • Estoy encabronado!
  • I'm gonna drop you bro!
  • What my boss gonna say it?
  • I plan my flag here, man.
  • This belongs to my hermana!
  • He took my cash!
  • Taxi, taxi !!!
  • Move your ass amigo!
  • I am not interessed amigo.

Diaz's Gang

  • Move, c'mon!
  • What you doing for?
  • Move that damn vehicle!
  • Careful, hey get lost !
  • You in the way!
  • Hey, we are trying to do business over here!
  • Move, don't push me.
  • Excuse me, this car belongs to Diaz!
  • You hit me, now I hit you!
  • Stupid idiota!
  • It's expecting a big real shipment from Colombia!
  • He steals the money back!
  • Do you got anything to say to yourself?
  • Move, dickhead, idiota!
  • You better move though guy!
  • Nobody screws with me!
  • Nobody screws with Diaz' men!
  • I pay muscles.
  • Okay amigo, okay !!!
  • What you thinking, dickhead?
  • Oh, you are really scary...
  • Diaz' will want you death, dickhead!
  • We all got guns, bad boy!
  • You really want to get killed, amigo?
  • You can't do that!
  • What you doing, though guy?
  • Give me that!
  • I work for Diaz, idiota!
  • What we are supposed to be, man?
  • Honey's Taxi!

Vercetti Gang

  • Oh come on, come on, move!
  • We got work to do asshole, what are you doing?
  • Whoa you see that? This town is full of morons!
  • Do you want me to deal with them?
  • Look out!
  • Are you drunk or something?
  • Hey, these shoes are new!
  • Why do you do that for?
  • Should I kill them?
  • He's been hit, everybody alright?
  • What's going on?
  • Forget about Mario!
  • You better tell him, Mario!
  • Hey Mario, I never asked you sister about it man!
  • I wouldn't do that, I got those clothes you want it.
  • Careful asshole!
  • Asshole!
  • Do you know who we work for?
  • Come here, prick!
  • We do that for living asshole!
  • Hey! Look at her, I didn't want like this!
  • Why you hit me asshole?
  • Why did I do to you?
  • Give me a break asshole!
  • Can we still drive?
  • Take it easy!
  • I didn't mean nothing.
  • What is this?
  • I've always been loyal, get off!
  • You can't jack me, who do you think I am?
  • You kidding me?
  • Get lost or I'll kill you!
  • Get lost, get out of here!
  • We got a problem here.
  • Where are we?
  • Who brought us here?
  • Yeehee! Taxi! Cabbie!
  • Move, come on, move!
  • Hey moron, move!
  • Drive, asshole!
  • Relax!
  • Don't push the Mario man!
  • Wow they hit us! Should I tell that?
  • I don't want the cops here, let's get out of here!
  • You did what?
  • I told myself, Mario, take it easy!
  • What should I do about her, I hate that woman!
  • She always give me a hurt time.
  • What hurt what we got?
  • You blind idiot, learn to drive!
  • Where do these people learn to drive?
  • Come on asshole, you nearly hit me!
  • Look at that, now that's a woman!
  • Talk to me, don't hit me!
  • Easy, shoot them, not me.
  • Get of me!
  • You can't jack us!
  • We need that, now get lost.
  • Who's got the map?
  • I got my money on three wives!
  • Call my wife, kill her at over.
  • Do you know who we are, asshole?
  • Het asshole, move, move!
  • Hey, what's the supreme?
  • Heey, stay back!
  • Come on, don't push me!
  • Keep going, keep going!
  • Hey hey, it's Mr. V!
  • Tommy, you gonna love this!
  • You got problem with the street kids.
  • You got to listen to this one man!
  • Where we going now boss?
  • Do you know I've been loyal?
  • Hey prick, come in, we gonna kill you.
  • Asshole, I see you asshole!
  • My lord, this is a heaven!
  • I gotta hit you back!
  • This town is screwed!
  • I think this belongs to me!
  • Call my mother!
  • Whoa, I can't believe that!
  • Taxi over here!
  • Taxi!


African Man in a Blue Jumpsuit

  • Move that piece of shit!
  • Yo, get out the way!
  • Hey, you're in my way, dog.
  • Yo, hey yo yo move!
  • You're blocking the traffic!
  • You're blocking up the streets!
  • Excuse me, cat!
  • Do you don't see me or something, brother?
  • Yo, be careful in that, man.
  • Yo, easy brotha!
  • I'll get my union on you!
  • Careful, docks is a dangerous place!
  • Money just hit my wheels!
  • I know you hit my car, dog!
  • I know you did that, I can't believe this is happening!
  • Hey son, you just hit my ride!
  • Fresh from Singapore?
  • I got some good stuff...
  • I'm always getting a deal with Jimmy.
  • Welcome to Vice City!
  • I got flamingos, two for one!
  • You looking a sell-buy or something?
  • Yo, you're trying to kill me man !?
  • Yo, you better be careful, easy!
  • Mad man!
  • Yo, you 73th kid!
  • Yo, you got a death wish, son!
  • Easy son, you nearby killed me!
  • Yo, yo, yo, yo, you got a brother?
  • Yo, no shoot man, no shoot!!!
  • I just want to make a deal, yo, I just want to make a deal!
  • Hey, officer, I don't know nothing man!
  • Yo, yo, yo, yo be easy man, aw shit! You trying to jack me!
  • Ai, yo, yo, ai!
  • Yo, what's up? What's going on dog?
  • You're trying to take my whip son!
  • I earn that money by jacking people man!
  • It's my money, it's my cheese.
  • Yo, stay away from me yo!
  • Yo, I sell everything you want yo!
  • Yo yo yo, Taxi, brother!

Mexican Chick

  • Get out of the way!
  • This don't look carnaval, get out of the road man!
  • Eat it on the Giggle Cream!
  • You in the way, idiota!
  • Oje marimbero!
  • Hey idiota, mamifero.
  • I'm a woman.
  • Can't you see or something?
  • Do you like me?
  • You hit my car, then I hit your face!
  • PUTA, my car!!!
  • Why you do that for?
  • Are you blind or idiot?
  • I'll shot the car on you eyes!
  • I'll kill you!
  • Calmate, porque te aceleras?
  • I just want me a good match.
  • Get me a beauty partner.
  • I'm going to the Malibu discoteca!
  • I'm going dancing porque soy preciosa!
  • She stole my man!
  • Hit me!
  • You're always looking at the girls, uh?
  • Oje, o que estas fumando?
  • You piece of trash!
  • I'll bust your ass for this.
  • My momma hit harder than you!
  • You got woman clothes, amigo.
  • I am not appreciate at you, I kill you!
  • You animal, you want to fight?
  • Hey, you don't wanna be stupid.
  • I got a lot of brothers, though guy!
  • I'm a lady!
  • Hey, let me see the other girl!
  • HEEY, I got a lot of brothers, mamifero!
  • You're bulling ladies uh? Come here!
  • Hey. that's my money!
  • I need that for my operation!
  • I need that money!
  • You must buy a woman.
  • Hey hey, Taxi, por favor!

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