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Diamond ST
Diamond ST

Diamond Street is a 5-block street in Downtown Algonquin. The street travels East - West through the districts of Chinatown and City Hall.

The street begins as a continuation of the Westbound Broker Bridge in the Chinatown district. The block between here and Bismarck Ave marks the center of the Chinatown district with the highest density of Chinese outlets and neon signage. The Chinatown theme continues through the next block until the intersection with Columbus Avenue. At this point the street transits into the City Hall District. The Columbus - Denver block (which travels under the Liberty Municipal Building) however, is inaccessible to public traffic. The street therefore continues at Denver Ave and traverses further West cutting through City Hall Park and crossing Liberty Lane, before sloping downwards to terminate at the junction with Union Drive West.

The Dragon Heart Plaza is located on the South-Western side of the Diamond - Albany intersection.

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