Richard 'Dick' Shyster is an unseen character in Grand Theft Auto IV.


Dick is a lawyer at Goldberg, Ligner and Shyster along with other lawyers Tom Goldberg and Patrick Ligner. He is never seen in GTA IV, but a photo of him can be seen on the official Goldberg, Ligner and Shyster's in-game website.

According to the law firm's website, Shyster is an expert in State, National, and International Law. He constructed a case against a former Secretary General of the Civilization Committee. He is experienced in filing class action lawsuits against BAWSAQ 500 companies that weren't recycling their printer toner cartridges. He is in charge of an annual football pool and does rails of cocaine at the office.

Events of GTA IV

After Goldberg's death, it's said that Shyster will take over most of Goldberg's cases, and hope he'll get a media profile as big as Goldberg's, as he dreams to eventually run for political office.