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Did Somebody Say Yoga?

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"We are leaving and we are never coming back! You are alone, you pathetic psychopath!"
Amanda De Santa

Did Somebody Say Yoga? is a mission in Grand Theft Auto V that protagonist Michael De Santa does independently from his mansion in Rockford Hills, Los Santos


Michael participates in a Yoga-class with Amanda and Fabien LaRouche. When Fabien attempts a sexual yoga pose, Michael attempts to hit him but misses and falls into the pool. Amanda is upset and leaves.

Afterwards, Michael goes along with Jimmy to a Burger Shot to pick up some drugs from his friend Ahron Ward. On their way back home, Michael drinks a drugged soda given to him by his son. Jimmy then forces his father out of the car, and drives off alone while someone off-screen drags Michael away, presumably by a hobo. Michael then hallucinates being surrounded by monkeys, abducted by aliens, and then dropped off midair floating over the city.

When Michael finally wakes up, his clothes had been stolen and rushes back to his house. Upon heading into the kitchen, he finds a note written by Amanda, where she explains that she and the children have left for a while, since they can't stand Michael's crazy antics. After the mission, he'll get a text from Jimmy stating that he's taken his car and money from his bank account and found a place of his own and Michael loses $3000.

Gold Medal Requirements

  • Mission Time: Complete within 15:00.
  • Warrior: Complete the first Yoga position without fault.
  • Triangle: Complete the second Yoga position without fault.
  • Praise the Sun!: Complete the third Yoga position without fault.


  • The trip sequence might reference Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey. Similar to the scene, the movie starts with apes (That represent early humans) and ends with the protagonist being ejected out of a spaceship into a colorful and trippy "star-gate".
  • The check list at the end of the mission features the line "Praise the Sun!". This is a reference to Dark Souls, a fantasy RPG, which features this line and has since received a meme-like popularity among Dark Souls fans.
  • The drink that causes Michael's episode was most likely laced with ketamine, as Jimmy makes a passing reference to the drug's continued use in veterinary practice and ketamine is the most commonly abused hallucinogenic substance available on the black market that fits this description, as PCP has not been available for veterinary purposes in the US since its rescheduling in 1978. 
  • The Song played during the 'Trip Scene' is C90s Shine a Light (Flight Facillites Remix). This song features on Radio Mirror Park.



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