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"Used to scan vehicle number plates."
―Unused Ammu-Nation description.

The Digiscanner is an object in Grand Theft Auto V; it plays a minor part mainly in the Strangers and Freaks side missions.


The detector is a small device with a T-shaped antenna and two sensor wings that move up and down. The detector is implied to be able to locate extraterrestrial entities and objects using radar-like technology. It flashes light blue when it picks up connections to objects, and red when it doesn't.


Michael De Santa uses one of these in the mission "Chasing the Truth", and the alien hunter Omega uses one in "Far Out". Outside missions, Ron Jakowski can be found using one outside Trevor's trailer occasionally.



  • The detector bears a strong resemblance to the P.K.E. Meter, a device used in the Ghostbusters franchise to detect ghosts. Specifically, it shares many features with the version seen in the Real Ghostbusters animated series (T-shaped antenna at the top with waggling arms, readout with dials and buttons below it, dial(s) on the side), but with a more streamlined, modern appearance.
  • Since Michael receives one from Marnie Allen, it is possible that the Epsilon Program uses it in their activities. However, it's never seen.
  • The unused Ammu-Nation description suggests that the LSPD officers uses it to scan vehicle's license plates. This also suggest that it would be available in the gun stores at some point, much like the Remote Sniper.

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