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A screenshot of the rear of the Dignity in GTA V

The Dignity is a luxurious yacht featured in Grand Theft Auto V.


In its only appearance, the Dignity appears to be a yacht-styled boat which is used for parties. The Dignity only appears in Daddy's Little Girl and can't be destroyed or driven.

The Dignity appears in Daddy's Little Girl, where Michael De Santa swims to the boat, ends the party that Tracey De Santa was having, and then after threatening Tracey's friends, leaves the boat with Tracey's friends chasing them.

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  • Interestingly, the bollards on the rear of the boat are shaped like the "V" from the logo of GTA V.
  • The name of the boat is a joke on the fact that is an exclusive boat for "people with dignity".
  • The name "Dignity" perhaps pays homage to the song of the same name by Scottish band Deacon Blue.  The song's subject is about a man who is saving to buy a boat with the intention of calling it Dignity.

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