Main Entrance, and aerial view.

"Some look left, some look right. The answer is right in front of us!"
— A mural on the wall of the train underpass.

The Dignity Village is an unrecognized colony established by homeless near Procopio Beach, San Andreas. Dignity Village is bordered by the Pacific Ocean to the north, the Mount Chiliad to the south, and Mount Gordo to the east. It is featured in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online, but plays no role in the storyline, except for a gang attack and having a Letter Scrap. It is accessible south of Route 1, via an underpass. Dignity Village is the second-smallest settlement in GTA V, while Cape Catfish is the smallest.

Curtis Weaver, the final bail bond target, is located here.


The name "Dignity Village" is ironic, because the settlement is anything but dignified. The "village" itself is just a tiny encampment with a few tents pitched there. Some tramps will be gathered around the fires, seeking warmth and will berate the player if approached. Dignity Village is possibly the most deprived settlement in economic terms in Grand Theft Auto V. The village is well-hidden in Blaine County, so traffic driving along Route 1 will not notice the settlement, serving as home to people who reject mainstream society, tramps, anarchists, runaways, crooks and extreme libertarians.

The camp has a few small buildings, with rusty sheet metal fences and makeshift shelters, along with multiple tents which the inhabitants live in. Some anti-capitalist and revolutionary signs can be found throughout the encampment, with messages like "Capitalism is crisis", "The revolution will not be televised" or "We are: the poor, the unemployed, in debt, fed up", among others. The inhabitants will not take kindly to any of the protagonists, and will become aggressive if provoked, or if stood next to for a period of time. However, the inhabitants don't pose much of a threat in combat, and will run away when in the presence of a gun.

Grand Theft Auto Online

Team Deathmatch

The Team Deathmatch, Commune takes place here.

Gang Attacks

There is one gang attack here. Enemies will have Shotguns, Advanced Rifles, Pistols, and SMGs. Enemies vary from either Triads, Armenians, or Professionals.


  • A beater Surfer can be found inside it, crossing a small bridge.
  • A police bike can sometimes be found just outside the entrance during the daytime.
  • A Tow Truck (large variant) is usually found near one of the tents.


  • Dignity Village shares its name with a real life homeless settlement in Portland, Oregon. Both locations have similarities, including having several tents, homeless people, and a large sign at the front that reads "Dignity Village".
  • At the entrance, there are signs that says "Yes We Camp", which is a reference to the chant "Yes We Can", used by Democratic Party nominee Barack Obama's presidential campaign in 2008.
  • In the doorway of one of the buildings is a letter scrap and a health pack.
  • At the underpass is a sign that says "The revolution will not be televised" which is a reference to the song of the same name written by Gil Scott-Heron.