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Dillimore Police Station is the local police force station serving Dillimore in Red County, San Andreas. It primarily polices the town itself but may also be responsible for the administration of justice in Red County. It is located in front of the Gasso filling gas station.

Unlike the other police stations in Red County, the police station has also an interior like the Los Santos Police Headquarters and the Las Venturas Police Headquarters. Also it includes the same features as the one in Los Santos such as prison cells, police offices, police locker rooms and police showers, and is one of the few police stations that have an interior in the state of San Andreas at all. The player will also immediately gain a 2-star wanted level if they trespass the main offices to go to the other places inside the building with firearms, however the officers will ignore you if you holster your firearms.

It also includes a garage outside the building, but no police vehicles spawn outside.

Events in GTA San Andreas

The police station also has a minor appearance in one of Catalina's missions, where the cops are alerted of CJ and her robbing the bank in Palomino Creek. CJ and Catalina manage to take out all of the Cops and get away with the money.


As the police station includes and interior, a couple of items that can be found are:

  • Dildo - In the shower room
  • Pistol - Prison cells
  • Nightstick - In the locker room
  • Shotgun - the right by the stations main offices
  • 2 Body Armors - One in prison cells and another in the locker room


  • When entering the police station in the Mobile version, it will display "LSPD HQ" as it has the same interior with the Los Santos Police Headquarters.

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