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Dinka (Japanese: ディンカ) is a Japanese automobile and motorbike manufacturer in the HD Universe of Grand Theft Auto.


Dinka is the name of an African tribe, however it actually parodies Japanese automaker Honda. Components of Dinka's logo are reminiscent of the letter H which predominates Honda's logo, although Dinka's logo consists of having six brackets (both "]" and "["). Dinka is a play on "dink", a racial slur for Asians, especially the Vietnamese. Dinka is also a play on "dinky", indicating a cheaply constructed small car, as Honda and other Japanese automakers initially produced low-quality econobox cars for export to the North American market in the 1970s, before moving to more upmarket vehicles.


Vehicle Style Based On (HD Universe) Notes
Akuma Sports bike 2008-2010 Honda CBR1000RR Appears in TBoGT and Grand Theft Auto V
Blista Hatchback 2001-2006 Honda Civic Type R
Blista Compact Hatchback 1984-1987 Honda CR-X A returning vehicle to Grand Theft Auto V exclusively for the enhanced edition. Includes Go Go Monkey Blista.
Chavos Mid-size sedan 2003-2007 Honda Accord Appears only in GTA IV and GTA Chinatown Wars
Double-T Sports bike 2008-2010 Honda CBR1000RR Includes Double-T Drag, TLAD and TBoGT exclusive
Enduro Off-Road bike Honda CB250 Introduced in Heists Update
Go Go Monkey Blista Custom hatchback 1984-1987 Honda CR-X Appears only in the Xbox One/PS4/PC edition of Grand Theft Auto V.
Hakumai Compact sedan 1986-1989 Honda Accord

1988-1991 Honda Prelude

Jester Sports car 1993-2002 Toyota Supra Mark IV (GTA San Andreas)
2015-present Honda NSX (GTA V)
Introduced in The Business Update for GTA V. Includes the Racecar variant introduced in the Festive Surprise.
Marquis Sailboat
MK GT9 Sports car Similar to Chavos Only appears in GTA: Chinatown Wars
Perennial Minivan 2003-2008 Honda Odyssey (JDM)
Thrust Touring bike Honda DN-01 Introduced in The High Life Update for GTA V
Vindicator Concept motorcycle Honda NM4 Introduced in the Ill-Gotten Gains Part 2 Update for GTA V.



  • "Dinka" is an implausible Japanese name as the syllable "di" does not exist in native Japanese language words.


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