This article or section refers to "enhanced version" content in the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC renditions of Grand Theft Auto V and/or Grand Theft Auto Online, that is absent on the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 versions.
For a complete list of the features of the "enhanced" version of Grand Theft Auto V, please see here.
Director Mode GTAVpc Main menu

The Casting Trailer and menu.

Director Mode is a gameplay mode introduced in the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V with the Rockstar Editor, and later added to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 with the Freemode Events Update, on 15 September, 2015.


Director Mode GTAVpc Los Santos Talent Contact

Accessing director mode via phone.

The mode is accessible from the Rockstar Editor menu and the Interaction Menu. Prior to the Freemode events update, the player could also access Director Mode from a contact on each protagonists mobile phone for Los Santos Talent (or Acting Up on the PS4/Xbox One) which would immediately launch the player into Director Mode without using the Pause Menu. In some countries it might say acting out![1]

Director Mode is not available if the player is currently in a vehicle, wanted or active in a mission.

Casting Trailer Menu


Main article: Director Mode/Actors

In Director Mode, the player is able to select a single actor from 17 different categories to control in a customised free mode map.

  • Animals
  • Beach Bums
  • Costumes
  • Downtown
  • Emergency Services
  • Gangs
  • Heist Characters
  • Laborers
  • Military
  • Online Characters
  • Professionals
  • Special Characters
  • Sports
  • Story Characters
  • Transport
  • Uptown
  • Vagrants
Director Mode GTAVpc Actor Unlocks

Unlock message.

Some actors are only available after being unlocked during Story Mode gameplay. The player will receive a HUD message indicating a character has been unlocked for use in director mode. When selecting the actor, there is an option to cycle through various outfits for most characters. Some of the NPC models can also be changed in this menu. If the actor is wearing a mask, or other face-obscuring accessories, they can not be removed once in the session.

Settings Menu

Setting Options Description/Effect
Time of Day
  • Midnight
  • Pre-Dawn
  • Dawn
  • Morning
  • Midday
  • Afternoon
  • Sunset
  • Dusk
Sets the time of day in the game. Each time starts from a pre-defined hour (i.e. Midnight always starts at 00:00/12:00 AM).

When accessed in-session from the Interaction Menu, additional options are available to freeze the time and make manual fine adjustments.

  • Clear
  • Broken Cloud
  • Overcast
  • Hazy
  • Christmas (snow)
  • Smog
  • Fog
  • Rain
  • Thunder
Sets the weather in the game.
Wanted Status
  • Normal
  • Low
  • Medium
  • High
  • Disabled
Sets the Wanted Level, from Normal (unwanted but usual rules will apply if the actor commits any crime) or pre-set to Low (2 stars), Medium (3 stars) or High (5 stars) or can be Disabled (no wanted level can be gained in the session).
Pedestrian Density
  • Normal
  • Low
  • Medium
  • High
Sets the density of pedestrians in an area. 
Vehicle Density
  • Normal
  • Low
  • Medium
  • High
Sets the traffic density.
Restricted Areas On/Off Enables/disables the restricted area status from all places.
Invincibility On/Off Enables/disables the invincibility cheat.
Flaming Bullets On/Off Enables/disables flaming bullets cheat.
Explosive Bullets On/Off Enables/disables explosive bullets cheat.
Explosive Melee On/Off Enables/disables the explosive melee attacks cheat.
Super Jump On/Off Enables/disables the super jump cheat.
Slidey Cars On/Off Enables/disables the slidey land vehicles cheat.
Low Gravity On/Off Enables/disables the low gravity cheat.
Clear Area On/Off Removes all possible entities in the area, such as dead pedestrians or wrecked vehicles on settings change.

Shortlist Actors

  • Manage the list of up to 10 actors marked as shortlisted. The player can access these actors from within the Director Mode session without needing to return to the Casting Trailer. Attempting to add an 11th to the shortlist will warn the player that this will remove the first actor from the list.

Recently Used

  • A list of recently used actors.

Exit to Story Mode

  • Quits Rockstar Editor and returns to GTA V Story mode.

Enter Director Mode

  • Launches the actor into the map.

Gameplay Features and Limitations

There are no clothing stores or barber shops accessible in this mode. 

Random events and minigames are not available. The Mount Chiliad cable car is not functional.

Building interiors cannot be accessed with the exception of safehouses including the Vanilla Unicorn and Floyd's Apartment

The Phone is only functional as a Snapmatic camera.

The Actors that have access to weapons will have all weapons unlocked by the player at that point with unlimited ammunition (weapons do have to be reloaded as normal, however, with the exception of the minigun). Ammu-Nation is not accessible and no weapons are scattered around the map, but new weapons can be collected from dead drops. Additionally, weapons do not have any finishes or attachments, except if a particular weapon has an attachment by default (any sniper rifle's scope being an obvious example, as well as the Combat PDW's integral suppressor).

Vehicle access is limited to whatever is spawned naturally although all actors can access whatever vehicles are stored in the storage garages (not their safehouse) of the Story Mode Protagonists (not including special vehicle menu content or the protagonists' default vehicles). Stored aircraft and watercraft are also accessible from the garage menu.

Los Santos Customs is not accessible, leaving the player with no option to customize cars. Only vehicles from storage garages can be repaired by respawning them.

Player can still take taxi rides to a marked waypoints for free due to lack of money mechanics in Director Mode.

If the invincibility cheat option is not enabled, the death of the actor will end the Director Mode session and return the player to the casting trailer. Same applies when actor gets busted.

The Ghost of Mount Gordo still spawns between 11 p.m. and midnight.

Interaction Menu

While in the map and on foot, the interaction menu provides the player access to the following options:

Menu Options Description/Effect
Settings Access the full settings menu including additional fine tuning controls as described above.
Place the actor in a pre-defined area of the map.
  • The Bird
  • Rock
  • Salute
  • Jerk
  • Blow Kiss
  • Air Thrusting
  • Thumbs Up
  • Jazz Hands
  • Air Guitar
  • Wave
  • Surrender
  • Shush
  • Photography
  • DJ
  • Air Synth
Provides access to a subset of the GTA Online Character Actions.
Hi Bye
What's Up Whatever
Yes No
Thanks Cheer
Frightened (Strong) Frightened (Mild)
Shocked (Strong) Shocked (Mild)
Insult (Strong) Insult (Mild)
Curse (Strong) Curse (Mild)
Spoken dialogue. Each category can have up to 4 different phrases.
Switch Actor <list> Access any of the recently used actors or actors shortlisted.
Garage Spawn a selected vehicle from the Story Mode garages.
Scene Creator Place and edit props from the Content Creator in up to 4 scenes.
Rockstar Editor Launch the Video Editor.
Return to Casting Trailer Leave the map but stay in Director Mode.
Quit Director Mode Return to Story Mode.

Unavailable Characters

Notable major characters missing from the Actors list include:

Notable missing Strangers and Freaks/Random Events characters:

Bugs and Glitches

  • There's a glitch where attempting to enter Director Mode will cause the game to restart to the Prologue. Simply reload the game after the loading screen.
  • There is a minor glitch where if the active actor is any of the three story protagonists and is in first person mode, pulling up the phone will bring up the physical version of the phone and the virtual version on the phone at the same time. 
  • Using the Freeze Time function within Director Mode and then returning to Story Mode by using Load Game from the Pause Menu rather than exiting from Director Mode will result in frozen time in Story Mode. Tested and confirmed on PC only.


  • First-Person View is only available when the actor selected is a GTA Online character or a Singleplayer protagonist. 
  • Despite functioning essentially the same as the Explosive Bullets cheat, the miniguns of the Buzzard Attack Chopper will fire explosive bullets, whereas the cheat doesn't have this effect on the Buzzard in normal gameplay.
  • When playing as certain actors, such as the Highway Patrol or Blaine County Sheriff, law enforcement won't attack the player, unless bumping into them, or NOOSE at a higher wanted level.


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