Checkout! is a supermarket chain in Grand Theft Auto IV and a clothing store in Grand Theft Auto V.


It sells products from brands such as Dusche Gold and Redwood Cigarettes. The shop is open from 9 am until 5 pm, as seen on a sign on the north side of the store that says "AM2PM, Open Nine2Five".

In Grand Theft Auto V, most of these Checkout! stores are accessible as clothing stores where the player can purchase cheap casual clothing. They sell the same clothes as Binco and share the same interior. They are indicated in the map as Discount Store. This is Trevor's favorite place to shop, as mentioned in a conversation between Michael De Santa and Trevor Philips about Trevor being a "hipster" in the mission Paleto Score Setup.

The radio that plays inside all the Checkout! stores is Los Santos Rock Radio.

Items in GTA V

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Locations in Grand Theft Auto IV

Locations in Grand Theft Auto V


  • The Overlooked Red Blouson is a reference to the film The Shining, where the main character, Jack Torrance (Jack Nicholson), is wearing a similiar one.
  • The Champagne Driver Blouson is a reference of the jacket worn by the unnamed driver (Ryan Gosling) from the movie Drive, but instead of a scorpion in the back, the jacket is sporting a crab.

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