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Distribution is an asset mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, where the player sells drugs, disguised as ‘Ice Cream’ on the streets. To start this mission, head over to the Cherry Popper Ice Cream Factory in Little Havana and enter the Mr. Whoopee ice cream van. To call pedestrians over to the van, press the horn to activate the ice cream jingle and stop the van nearby.


After four ‘ice creams’ are sold in a row, the police become suspicious and will start chasing Tommy, with a one star wanted level. The wanted level is cumulative, so selling 4 'ice creams' while under a one star wanted level nets a two star wanted level. The easiest way to lose the cops is when you have one star wanted level is to run away from the cops until it's gone or to use one of the nearby Pay 'n' Sprays, but if the player has more than one wanted it is very convinient to go to the Pay 'n' Sparays as more than one wanted level cannot be evaded without it. Local gangs (such as the Cubans, Haitians and the PIGs) will attack the Mr. Whoopee van if they see it. It is presumed this is because most gangs are involved in drug distribution and view Tommy as unwanted competition, although it isn't directly stated, making places like Little Havana and Starfish Island very inconvinient to sell 'ice cream' in.

The best place to sell ice cream is in the Viceport area near the docks. There are many pedestrians to sell to, and a Pay 'n' Spray in close proximity.

However, the easiest way is to park the van in front of a Pay 'n' Spray with the rear facing the garage entrance, then sell the 'ice cream'. Once you've sold 4 'ice creams', back into the garage then drive back out and continue. Repeat the process.

After the player has sold 50 ice creams the Cherry Popper Icecream Factory asset is completed and the company will generate revenue up to $3000 every day.


  • If the player exits the 'ice cream' vehicle without selling at least 50 'ice creams', the player will have do the distribution starting from 0 to 50 'ice creams' all over again as the game doesn't have a checkpoint from the distributions the player has made, so it is recommeded for the player to fully complete 50 distributions to pass the mission.

Mission objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Use your Mr. Whoopee Van to distribute Cherry Poppers product around the city.

Useful Places to Distibute

Least useful Places

  • Areas with other gangs

Video Walkthroughs

PC Version
GTA Vice City - Walkthrough - Mission 56 - Distribution (HD)05:15

GTA Vice City - Walkthrough - Mission 56 - Distribution (HD)


iPad 2 Version
GTA Vice City - iPad Walkthrough - Mission 56 - Distribution04:44

GTA Vice City - iPad Walkthrough - Mission 56 - Distribution


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