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Diva Starr is a celebrity who appears as a minor character in Grand Theft Auto IV.


Diva Starr is a celebrity R&B/Hip-Hop/electro/electrohop singer living (in a 77-room mansion in Mulholland) and working in Los Santos. She is also regularly seen in Algonquin, either at her 41-room Middle Park West penthouse or nightclub Bahama Mamas.


Diva, as her name (possible stage name) suggests, is extremely demanding. She insists on freshly-cut roses in her dressing-room as well as cavier, champagne and ready-to-serve lobster, she also demands every store she enters to be closed when she is browsing. In one of these trips, a 2007 visit to a Paris jeweler, she spent $30 million on diamonds in just 1 hour and made international headlines. Other than this instance, she does not receive very much media attention because of her own massive ego (Diva was ranked Most Hated Celebrity in America by Fizz!). She also throws confidence-destroying insults, and personally admits she is a narcissist and egomaniac.

Diva has sold more than 90 million albums worldwide and has made over $400 million doing so. These include 11 studio albums (all reaching #1 on national charts) and an upcoming 12th album called I Am A Diva. Her birthday is June 1st, 1974.


  • Beyoncé Knowles: The majority of Diva's accomplishments (90 million records, female artist of the 00's decade, hundreds of millions), in real life, have gone to her. The title I Am A Diva is a play on Beyoncé's album I Am... Sasha Fierce, which features a hit single entitled Diva.
  • Naomi Campbell: Though primarily a model, she shares many similarities such as extreme fame and fortune. She is infamous for being extremely demanding, even violent with her assistants, throwing telephones at them at least twice (one in 2006 being her own jewel-encrusted cell phone).
  • Mariah Carey: Mariah Carey was called female artist of the decade during the 90s, and was the source of inspiration for the penthouse (she owns a similar outrageous property in Tribeca, after denied purchase of another Central Park West super-penthouse being sold by Barbra Streisand, a singer who may also be somewhat parodied by Diva. Middle Park West is also a parody of Central Park West).
  • Other inspiration may have been drawn from female singers such as Tina Turner, late Whitney Houston, Janet Jackson and Gloria Estefan.


  • World-Famous Celebrity and International R&B Star
  • Rich MultiMillionairess and Outlandish Spender
  • Successful Recording Artist Having Sold Over 90 Million Units Worldwide
  • Highly Narcissistic and Ego-Driven
  • Said to be Most Successful African-American Female Singer of the 00's Decade
  • All 11 of her Albums Reached a Peak of #1 on the National Charts
  • Regular Face on the Liberty City Party Circuit


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