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Dmitar is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series who is mentioned in Grand Theft Auto IV.


Early Life

Dmitar was born and raised in the same village, located in present-day Serbia, as Niko Bellic, Florian Cravic, Darko Brevic, Goran, Mijo, Dragan, and 8 other children.

The Yugoslavian Wars

Dmitar was a soldier during the Bosnian Wars and served in the same fifteen man squad as Niko Bellic, Florian Cravic, Darko Brevic, Goran, Mijo, and Dragan.

During a mission of the squad, Dmitar was killed, alongside eleven of his fellow squad members, after Darko sold the squad out to the enemy for $1,000.


Dmitar's death, alongside his fallen friends, lit revenge inside Niko. Niko tracked down Florian, in Liberty City, and revealed that Florian is homosexual, and changed his name into Bernie. Niko learns that the traitor is Darko Brevic. Niko managed to bring Darko into Liberty City, with the help of United Liberty Paper. Niko then has the choice to kill or spare Darko.


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