"Tenpenny set me up!"
Little Weasel

Doberman is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas given to protagonist Carl Johnson by his brother and Grove Street Families leader Sean Johnson from in front of Ammu-Nation in the Market district of Los Santos, San Andreas.


Carl receives a phone call from Sweet who tells him to go to Ammu-Nation in Market to get firearms and kill Little Weasel, a former Grove Street Families gang member who betrayed them and went with the Ballas. The traitor is hiding in Glen Park. Carl then goes to Ammu-Nation, gets armed with weapons and heads over to Glen Park. He then takes over Glen Park by surviving three waves of attacks from the Ballas. Carl then finds Little Weasel, emerging from his house, who claims that C.R.A.S.H. officer Frank Tenpenny set him up. CJ kills him and Glen Park now belongs to Grove Street.

Mission Objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Go to Glen Park, Ballas territory and take it over.
  • Attack enemy gang members while on foot.
  • Survive the first wave of Ballas.
  • Survive the second wave of Ballas.
  • Survive the third wave of Ballas.
  • You have flushed the grass out, kill him.


  • Ballas gang members - Killed to take control of the Glen Park gang territory.
  • Little Weasel - Killed for betraying the Grove Street Families, and joining the Ballas.


  • Originally, Doberman was a mission for C.R.A.S.H., where Carl has to stop Poncho from being arrested, kill Poncho and grab "evidence" before the cops collect it.
  • A popular modification by DeeZire allows one to play the beta mission. This mission is only an interpretation by the author and is highly unlikely to have played out as it does in the mod.
  • After this mission, the crack dealers will become common around Los Santos, even appearing around Ganton, hinting the events in The Green Sabre.
  • After completing this mission and unlocking the gang warfare strand, Carl's (and the player's) freedom to explore and wander around Los Santos and Red County is curtailed as Carl has to remain close enough to Grove Street Families territory to defend the periodic attacks that will occur hereafter (at least up until the events of The Green Sabre, or until Grove Street controls all enemy gang territory in the city).

Ammu-Nation is accessible during and after completion of this mission.

  • If you enter the red marker at the Ammu-Nation to start the mission and you have a wanted level, you may encounter a scenario where no vehicles spawn in the state of San Andreas, except for stationary vehicles and pedestrians. Ballas gang members will spawn, but after you kill a few of them and pass the first few waves, no other Ballas will spawn, making this mission impossible to complete without using cheats or modifications. However, this glitch doesn't always happen.
  • The mission cannot be failed by losing the Glen Park territory, as no MISSION FAILED sign appears when the turf becomes gray, while the game says the turf is reclaimed.
  • Little Weasel and the three waves of Ballas gangsters can instead be killed without CJ's actions, simply move to some gang members nearby (etc. Grove Street Families) and let them do all the work. Inputting "Gang members have wars" cheat will also work, as the nearby gangsters will shoot the mission-only enemies if the latter fired a gun. (Confirmed on current PC and mobile versions) If Little Weasel is killed in this way, the mission still passes, but in the next mission Sweet will still say that the former is killed by CJ and Big Smoke.
  • There were originally no civilian cars interfered with the two cutscenes related to the introduction of the gang warfare in the beta, but the scripted gangsters and probably gang cars still existed, which was more realistic. This deleted feature can be re-added by inputting related cheats (such as "GHOSTTOWN" cheat).


The reward for this mission is an increase in respect. The mission Los Sepulcros is unlocked. The player is also able to take over enemy gang territories, as well as unlocking Ammu-Nation to buy weapons from there.

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