DockTease is a watercraft retailer featured in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. The player can make purchases via their website


The player can purchase a number of watercraft from their in-game website, ranging from the Seashark jet ski to large Tug boats. The player can also purchase a Galaxy Super Yacht, which functions as a property.

On their official logo, the letter D in "Dock" is stylized to look like a sideways anchor.


Galaxy Super Yacht
  • The Orion
  • The Pisces
  • The Aquarius
From $6,000,000 (Online Only (Enhanced Version only))

Image Name Capacity Single Player Price Online Price Availability
Nagasaki Dinghy 4 N/A $125,000 Online Only (after The Humane Labs Raid)
Shitzu Jetmax 4 $299,000 $299,000 Story Mode and Online
Kraken Kraken 1 $1,325,000 (after it has been unlocked) $1,325,000 Story Mode and Online (Enhanced Version only & Returning Player)
Dinka Marquis 4 $413,990 $413,990 Story Mode and Online
Speedophile Seashark 2 $16,899 $16,899 Story Mode and Online
Pegassi Speeder 4 $325,000 $325,000 Story Mode (Enhanced Version only) and Online
Shitzu Squalo 4 $196,621 $196,621 Story Mode and Online
Shitzu Suntrap 4 $25,160 $25,160 Story Mode and Online
Shitzu Tropic 4 $22,000 $22,000 Story Mode and Online
Lampadati Toro 4 $1,750,000 $1,750,000 Story Mode (Enhanced Version only) and Online
Buckingham Tug 1 N/A $1,250,000 Online Only


Vehicle Galleries

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  • There was a 25% discount on all products of the website (GTA Online), as part of the Labor Day sales (6th September, 2015).
  • Speedboats, Seasharks and Sailboats as well as the Yacht customisation were on 10% discount during the Executives Bonus Week (5th-11th February, 2016).
  • The Speeder and Aquarius Yacht were 30% off as part of the Anniversary Specials (27th October - November 7, 2016).


  • The website's name is an obvious reference to the phrase "dick tease" or "cock tease" (its name in fact being a combination of both), used to describe a woman who uses the promise of sexual relations to elicit favors from a man, without ever actually engaging in such relations.
  • The names of the boats' manufacturers are clearly referring to the manufacturer of the boat engines, rather than the boats, since Suzuki (Shitzu), Lamborghini (Lampadati/Pegassi) and Honda (Dinka) all make boat engines, and to their respective counterparts in-game.


  • [Tested on PC] There seems to be a bug where all three protagonists receive a DockTease purchase confirmation email regardless of who has purchased a boat.