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Doctor Perkins is Kent Paul's doctor in the early twenty-first century. He is mentioned in Kent Paul's official website[1][2], acting as a teaser website for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, often in a negative manner.


Together with Andre Perkins, a Liberty Tree article writer, it's unknown if the two are familiar with Millie Perkins, a girlfriend in GTA San Andreas.


  1. "I also liked lots of dirty movies, especially ones with girls in, but I'm not allowed to write about that, 'cause Doctor Perkins thinks I should be a monk and besides which I saw loads of funny pictures of Thai girls on his computer." (Quote from Kent Paul from the "movies" section of Kent Paul's 80s Nostalgia Zone)
  2. "I changed my mind. I really was public enemy number one. And I CAN count to ten, so up yours, Perkins." (Quote from Kent Paul from the "social problems" section of Kent Paul's 80s Nostalgia Zone)

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