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Franklins dog, Chop, seen in the second trailer for GTA V

Dogs are animals that are featured in the upcoming Grand Theft Auto V.

Like the background sealife in San Andreas, the Flying Rats, and Seagulls previously seen they are one of the few animals to be introduced in the GTA world only after Tony the Parrot and Pogo the Monkey. Currently, not much is known about their roles in the upcoming game.

In the trailer of GTA V, there are two dogs featured, one in the complete beginning, and although difficult to see, there is one when the scene of police officers chasing a man through an alley, the dog is hard to see but it is locked in a cage & seems to be barking.

It is still currently unknown if dogs will be seen with pedestrians and interact with other dogs. Dogs are present in two Rockstar games: Bully and Red Dead Redemption, where in Bully they can be attacked but cannot be killed, while in Red Dead Redemption they can be killed, and even skinned for fur which can then be sold for a profit.

In Grand Theft Auto V trailer, the first dog seen looks like a Boxer and the second looks to be a Rottweiller.

On October 28th, 2012 a leaked poster for the game was released. On it you can see an artwork of Franklin with a wooden bat and his Rottweiller, Chop, using a chain as a leash for the collar.


It is probable that the dogs will be interactive. In the trailer's chasing scene you can hardly observe the second dog, which seems to be barking when the police and the chased person pass by. The reason why animals have been introduced is likely because the creators wanted to make the game more realistic.

See the dogs from the first Trailer: here.


  • This is the very first time in a Grand Theft Auto game to feature dogs as animals/pets.
  • Dogs can be slightly heared barking far away in GTA IV but never seen. They are also mentioned like Hossan saying he will get a dog and Alex Chilton saying she owns a chihuahua named Valentino.
  • A dog can be seen again in the second trailer.
  • There's a mod for GTA IV to spawn dogs.
  • Dogs were to appear in GTA SA but were cut. This can be seen in the game's files.


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