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Lamar's dog, Chop, seen in the second trailer for GTA V

Dogs are domesticated animals that are featured in Grand Theft Auto V.

3D Universe

Dogs are never featured in any of the GTA III era videogames, but they are mentioned several times by in-game characters. 

A dog by the name of Hugo is mentioned on Chatterbox FM in GTA III. The dog is owned by Jane and Sam. 

HD Universe

Dogs have been rumored to appear in GTA IV. The sound of dogs barking is a scripted ambiance noise in GTA IV, but they can never be seen. Dogs are only mentioned by in-game characters, like Hossan, who has said that he will get a dog, and Alex Chilton saying she owns a chihuahua named Valentino.

In the first trailer of GTA V, there are two dogs featured. One in the very first scene, and although difficult to see, there is another one during the scene where the police officers are chasing a man through an alley. In Grand Theft Auto V trailer, the first dog seen looks like a Boxer and the second looks to be a Rottweiller.

In GTA V, there are 15 different breeds of dogs, ranging from Rottweilers to Golden Retrievers. 



  • The sound of dogs barking is scripted as an ambiance noise in GTA IV but they can never be seen. 
  • Dogs were to appear in GTA San Andreas but were cut. This can be seen in the game's files.
  • Katt Williams points out that he's never seen a cat or dog in Liberty City, when doing one of his stand up comedy acts.
  • So far, only two breeds of dog have been identified as being in GTA V. These are Rottweilers and Labradors.
  • Dogs can be shot and killed, as seen here
  • If the player is to attack the owner of a dog the dog will come to the aid of the owner by attacking the player.
    • Dogs can even kill the player. Rarely, dogs will also attack the player for no reason.


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