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"Domestobot loves cleaning. Remote control override. I live to serve."

The Domestobot is a robotic servant mass-produced in the 1980s and still widely referenced in the 1990s in the 3D Universe. In the HD Universe, they make a comeback in the late 2000s. It appears to be based on the Tomy Omnibot 2000, though the head is more similar to that of the Nintendo R.O.B..

The Domestobot is one of the few elements in the 3D Universe games that is not in keeping with the time frame. Although there were toy "robots", some with speech synthesizers, that were popular in the early 1980s, such as those that inspired the Domestobot and much speculation as to whether robot servants would become available commercially, in a practical sense during the time frame of the games such devices were not yet available to the sophistication shown in the GTA games; for example, Armando is able to give his Domestobot complex verbal instructions such as ordering it to fetch a snack and a drink, and go to a specific room and perform a specific task.

A Domestobot with Vic and Vance Gang Member

The Domestobot has five different arm attachments: a grabber (for picking up stuff), a brush (for cleaning), a lighter (for lighting cigars), a dildo (for pleasuring women), and a radar detector.


In GTA Vice City Stories the Domestobot has the same handling and engine noise as Forklift, the forward speed of the Domestobot is slower than even the player character's running speed; its reverse is actually faster than its forward motion.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

The Domestobot is prominent in the mission Domo Arigato Domestoboto (set in 1984), Lance Vance plans to destroy Armando Mendez's vault containing his bonds and hires some high-tech equipment that can control Armando's Domestobot, which he bought under the encouragement of Diego. Vic Vance received word of the delivery before Lance and decided to take out the bonds using the Domestobot himself. The Domestobot can be driven and is obtainable through cheat devices and third party programs. There, however, has been a video on YouTube showing that the Domestobot spawns on top of a building in Downtown. This has not been confirmed as true, and it was likely that the Domestobot was spawned there with a cheat device and then the video recorded as a hoax.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Set in 1986, the radio spot for Domestobot aired on Emotion 98.3 and KCHAT. The advertisement informs the listener that it is three feet high, says only ten different phrases, and is a robotic servant.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Set in 1992, Adam First calls into Area 53 on WCTR to report seeing a group of Domestobots in the middle of the desert while hang gliding. Later on, Area 53 receives a caller going by the name of 632369439, a Domestobot programmed for evil (As said by the radio's host. Although the caller right before said a man in the desert was performing weird "rituals" to the Domestobots, so the evil response would be for defence).

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories

Set in 1998, before The Electron Zone on LCFR, a woman is heard on the air saying that she is "the first woman married to a Domestobot."

Grand Theft Auto IV

Set in 2008, the company that produced Domestobot, Electro Toys, releases a new creation called El Chamuco Roboto, a Mexican gardener bot that has an official website accessible in internet cafes.

There is also an in-game website devoted to the robot,

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